Spending quality time with the family is not difficult, there are many activities that you can do with children to enhance child development in a fun way. One such activity is word games. Basically, it is a pastime that consists of solving a puzzle related to words, letters or phrases.

Beyond their playful nature, word games also favor the development of creativity, while improving language. In addition, they are an excellent resource to stimulate mental acuity and strategic thinking from an early age, as well as a good strategy to train memory. Another advantage? As they do not usually need specific resources and/or accessories, as in the case of board games , they can accompany you wherever you go.

In Stage Children we have chosen some of the most popular and fun word games for you to play as a family. These are simple games that basically resort to creativity so that you can play both at home and during a trip or at your vacation destination.

5 perfect word games for family fun

1. Hangman

It is one of the most popular classic word games for family entertainment. The idea is to guess the word that one of the participants has thought from the letters that make it up. Basically, one of the players must think of a word, which can be more or less simple, and write as many dashes as there are letters in the word on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, the other participants must guess the word by saying a letter in each turn.

If the letter is correct, the player who has thought of the word must write it in the correct place, even if it is repeated. For each mistake, you need to draw an element of the figure of a hangman. Whoever completes the word first before the player finishes drawing the hangman wins the game, in which case whoever has thought of the word wins.

2. The infinite story

If there is a word game that children have fun with, this is it. The game consists of letting your imagination fly to create a different story, which takes shape as the game progresses. To start, one of the participants must say a word. The player next to him must repeat that word and add another that gives meaning to the previous one. So on until creating a story among all. Whoever can remember the most words wins.

The fun comes when, as they add words, players find it difficult to remember the previous terms and make funny mistakes. Undoubtedly, an excellent training for memory and creativity that will lead to funny stories, sometimes absurd, that will ensure laughter among the participants. One of its greatest advantages is that as many players as they want can join, making it a perfect game to have fun with both family and friends.

3. Name of movies

Another classic word game that kids are sure to love is guessing the name of a movie through mimicry. In the classic game you need at least 4 players, who form two teams. However, it can also be played individually by two or three people. In the game, one of the participants thinks of the name of a film and must mime, that is, without using words or sounds, the name of the film. The rest must figure out what movie it is.

To indicate the number of words, the fingers of the hand are usually used and, when a specific word is represented, it must be pointed out which one it refers to, so that the players can have a clearer idea of ​​the full name. The player who first guesses the name of the complete movie wins or, failing that, whoever guesses the most words. The ideal is to bet on movie names that you all know, but once you gain skills, you will be able to discover even the films that you have not seen.

4. The alphabet, from A to Z

Another very simple but fun word game is the alphabet game or the A to Z game. The object of the game is to say a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Starting with A and going through Z, each player must say a word that starts with the letter they touch. In this case, whoever manages to say the most words wins. Without a doubt, an excellent exercise to train your memory and mental agility while having a fun time.

An alternative to make the game even more complex is to define a category beforehand, so that the words that are said, in addition to starting with the letter of the alphabet that it touches, must meet the same condition. Some examples of categories can be animals, names of writers, countries, cities in Spain or foods. The ideal would be to start with more general categories and, as you develop skills, bet on more specific categories.

5. Chained words

This is a very fun word game, ideal for having a fun and quality time with the family. It is about saying words with the same ending, like garlic and low. To do this, a participant begins by saying any word that comes to mind. The rest of the players must think of a term that rhymes with the previous word. In the end, whoever manages to say the most words with that ending wins.

Without a doubt, it is a very entertaining game that, in addition to developing the vocabulary of the little ones at home, trains their memory and creativity. In addition, since as many players as they want can join, it is an ideal game to play both with family and friends. And, since it doesn’t need specific resources, it’s perfect for playing during the holidays or having a fun time while traveling by car with the kids.