If you don't discipline your child, it's as if you don't love him.

Sometimes it hurts us parents to discipline our children because we think that if we do it they will stop loving us. There are parents who can be too “soft” or permissive thinking that it is better for their little ones, but the reality is that they are doing their little ones a disservice.

The tree must be watered from a young age, it is said, and it is that just like a tree that we hope to grow strong and healthy, it requires care, children need discipline to become successful people.

The fear of parents

Normally, one of the greatest fears of children is parents at the educational level, is not knowing how to discipline children correctly and that as the years go by, their little ones begin to have disrespectful behavior.

Love towards children also it requires discipline, and doing uncomfortable things like setting limits or disciplining when necessary. Parents need to know that being a figure of authority and discipline is a requirement for the good education of children, although sometimes it hurts us emotionally because we think we are not doing things right.

Discipline and children

Many parents have the mistaken thought that disciplining children means that they are afraid of them, as if it were the only way of obedience that exists. Nothing is further from reality, children do not need to be afraid to behave well. To establish rules, punishments are not necessary, but previously agreed consequences are so that children understand the need to be able to decide for themselves in the face of their behavior.

There are serious errors such as believing that a punishment is a beating or a reprimand are shouting. These errors that seem “normal” in the moments of discipline can lead to serious emotional and behavioral consequences in the children when time passes.

Love for children

Even if you have to discipline what your children can never lack is to feel your love every day. Although sometimes you get angry or have to scold them for bad behavior, your love for them should never be diminished and your children should see this daily. Children need constant love and attention to be able to evolve correctly. Establishing rules, norms and limits is not at odds with loving your children.

discipline love children

Your children look at you every day, they do what you do and listen to what you say, even if sometimes you think that is not the case. Children are formed through everything they see in their parents and in the environment where they live. They learn every day to be one way or another depending on what they live in their family. In this sense, in addition to being the best example of an adult person for your little ones, they also need you to give them love and discipline in order to grow. Only in this way will they be able to be balanced children who will learn to defend themselves in life and chart their own path.

Be careful not to encourage bad behavior

There are occasions, that parents inadvertently encourage bad behaviors, thinking they are doing their little ones a favor. For example, if you buy him everything he asks of you or you give him all his demands, without realizing it and by avoiding tantrums or arguments, you will be creating a capricious, selfish child, without empathy, irresponsible and who does not understand discipline or authority. You will always want to get your way and this is not something that will benefit you later in life.

Similarly, if you experience excessive parenting discipline or keep a excess of authority, your children will grow up with insecurities, not wanting to express their emotions for fear of reprimands and not doing what they really want. They will only feel that they must obey their parents at all costs to avoid being “sanctioned”. This is not beneficial for your little ones either… the secret is to find balance andknow how to choose situations of flexibility or discipline well.

Always with love and respect

Whenever you have to discipline, do it with love and respect for the person who is your child. In this way he will be able to feel respected all the time and will value more the discipline that you impose on him. Make your son understand that each action has its reward or consequences depending on what he does and the option he chooses. This way they will begin to learn how life works and will be able to make the right decisions both in the short and long term.

When children realize that there are limits, actions and responsibilities that they must comply with, they begin to behave appropriately at all times, and it will be their decision to do things well. This way they will understand discipline and the importance of rules at home and of laws in society.

When you teach your child what fair discipline is, you will be doing see that life is governed by our actions. He will be able to learn to face any situation assertively and what is more important, he will learn from his mistakes.