If you have elderly parents, these are your obligations

We have all been children and we have had parents who have taken care of us and have given all of themselves so that we can be the people we are today. We owe them our lives and our entire existence, that’s why, when they need us most… which is in their old age, we must live up to it and make sure that their last years are just as memorable as our first years of life and all the other decades that they dedicated themselves to us, body and soul.

Sometimes, over time, time and the comfort that our parents always do everything for us, we forget that as children, we also have some responsibilities to fulfill towards them… especially when they get older, which is when they need us most. >

8 obligations of children towards their parents

Respect, communication, trust and a lot of attention cannot be lacking in the relationship between children and parents… Below we are going to explain some of the responsibilities that cannot be lacking in your life towards your elderly parents.

1. Friendship

Parents and children are not friends, but there is another type of friendship relationship between adults, which must be taken care of very much. Help your parents in everything they need and let you advise them, because even if you are an adult you still know less about life than they do. His experience and wisdom are worth millions, don’t forget that.

2. Trust

Along with the friendship mentioned in the previous point, trust cannot be lacking. Confidence of being able to talk about anything, tell anything and knowing that they will always listen to you, as you have been used to throughout your life. But now, your children should also feel confident with you that they can tell you anything they need and that you are there to listen to them whenever it is appropriate.

3. Real attention

The interest you offer your parents has to be real interest, real attention. It is not something you do because “you must do it” and that’s it, it is something that must come from your heart. Your parents notice when you really love them and take care of them because you want from the heart, to do so while considering them a burden. They never considered you a burden, even in your worst moments… Give them back the same selfless and unconditional love!

4 . No judgments

You are now an adult and you may see things differently than you did when you were a child. It is also possible that your parents did not do things quite right as parents, but we can assure you that they did it the best way they knew how at the time.

You can always do things better… nobody is perfect, so don’t judge them by their possible mistakes and understand why they acted that way. While it’s natural for your image of your parents to change, what you shouldn’t forget is the unconditional love they continue to feel for you.

Elderly parents

5. Respect

Respect is essential in any healthy relationship between people, but it should be even more important when it comes to your parents. Respecting them is the best way to thank them for everything they have given you in life. Because that respect towards them must exist from your childhood and throughout your life.

6. Experiences

Have experiences with your parents because they deserve your time more than anyone else. Even if they are elderly, it is important to continue sharing experiences by their side… It doesn’t matter if it is an afternoon of movies, playing cards or taking a trip. Even a talk every afternoon is enough for them to feel sheltered by your side. Keep them in mind in your plans and that will be one of the best gifts you can give them.

7. Be grateful

No matter how old you are, you always need to be grateful to your parents for everything they have given you. Understand their thoughts even if you don’t share them and respect and appreciate everything they feel, do and did for you. There is no money in the world to be able to pay for everything they have done for you just because of the unconditional love they have for you.

8. Take care of them

Take care of them, do not leave them aside, take care of their needs. There will come a time when your parents will need assistance and you must give it to them. With all your love, take care of them with your affection and do it in the same selfless way that they did with you from the moment of your birth. And NEVER, under any circumstances, have the bad idea of ​​abandoning them.