Babies need direct and continuous contact with their parents to know that they exist and that they are by their side to protect them. Parents since their children come into this world must appeal to patience, empathy and above all, affection to understand them and that the little ones feel safe all the time.

Don’t leave him alone

Babies need to feel close to you all the time and if you don’t If so, they won’t know you exist. It’s that easy. If you leave him in the bassinet, in the crib or in the arms of other caregivers constantly, your baby will not be able to create the important bond he needs to have with you.

If you let him cry so that he “learns to fall asleep ” You will feel emotional abandonment and believe that you cannot count on anyone. Because if your baby doesn’t see you, she doesn’t feel you, she doesn’t smell your scent or hear your voice next to her, she won’t know you exist. She will not feel the security she needs to develop properly.

If your baby loses you from her field of vision, you disappear from the plane in which things exist in the mind her. She can be entertained for a few moments, but when she realizes that you are not around she will cry. She will cry because she needs you close to her, because she needs to feel you next to her. If you let him cry and don’t come to his comfort, the emotional bond that binds him to you will suffer serious damage that, although you may not notice it now, will last forever.

Don't leave baby alone

Needs physical contact with you almost as much as eating or sleep

Perhaps you have noticed how your baby sleeps worse in his crib than if he sleeps next to you. This is easy to understand… if he is by your side, he will feel your presence, he will smell you, he will be able to see that you are by his side to protect him and take care of his basic needs at any time. If he does not see you, even if he is by your side , he will feel a lot of anguish.

The same thing happens when you put him in a playground, in the baby gym or in his crib because you have to do other things at home, like food. It will be a matter of minutes before the child begins to complain. She doesn’t complain because she’s bored, no matter what toys she has around her, she complains because she wants to be with you. If you leave her side, she will feel an anguish that only your presence and your physical presence can calm. If you hold him in your arms, your baby will magically stop crying, because he needs to be with you!

It is not something absurd, it is necessary and it is so for the survival of our ancestors, that if the mothers were not constantly near their babies, the little ones might not survive. She carries it in her genes, she needs to be close to her mother and her father in order to feel safe. Your baby needs to see you, feel you, smell you, hear you, know that you exist, that you are by his side to protect him and to attend to his basic needs at all times.

If you want your baby knows that you exist at all times, think about how to be by his side as much as possible.