In the postpartum period, the most difficult thing is not to get divorced

The stage of pregnancy is precious and when the baby arrives it is the most precious treasure that any father or mother can receive in life. What no one tells you is that in the relationship everything becomes more complicated when postpartum arrives and you have to take care of a newborn baby who is demanding 24 hours a day and that the relationship is practically non-existent. Therefore, postpartum the most difficult thing is not to get divorced.

Although it is true that there are couples who unite them and become stronger, there are others who find it difficult to cope well with the pressure of being new parents, of carrying out the responsibilities they have in life and, moreover, doing all this with accumulated fatigue that will last for weeks, months and even years.

The female body

In the vast majority of cases, women they don’t get back the body they had before they became pregnant because pregnancy punishes them a lot. Some will be lucky enough to be able to show off a wonderful body again, without stretch marks, without a distended belly and with a body just as sculpted as before pregnancy. But it is not always the case. On many occasions, women suffer from a distended belly, large stretch marks… and they do not look as pretty as before.

This will make them feel, to a greater or lesser extent, insecure with their body and it is a challenge to accept that the body has changed forever. But it is essential to accept that this body is not ugly… in fact, it is a wonderful body that has been able to generate life, to form a family! He needs time and effort to recover, but it is not impossible.

A child is the light of the family

It is undeniable that a child is the light that illuminates the life of the parents, but inevitably it makes many shadows be seen. Those shadows are parts of their parents’ personalities that they didn’t know before because there wasn’t a baby. Now, with the added weariness and responsibilities, parents can sometimes feel like they can’t handle it all. … and they show those shadows that are not always pleasant.

When the baby is born, the greatest test of love between parents begins, but it is also the cause of many conflicts… and reconciliations . If it is done well, if you want to take care of love, there will also be reconciliations and a great growth in the couple that will make them stronger every day.

Crises, separations and divorces

Yes, there are also couples who experience serious crises when they become parents. It’s more common than you think… They confuse extreme tiredness with a lack of love and think they need time apart. But that’s when you have to remember that during the first year of having a baby , the real challenge is not to get divorced. It is necessary to look into each other’s eyes in the middle of conflicts and ask for forgiveness. And forgive each other.

postpartum couple crisis

If you are in a couple crisis and your baby is less than a year old, remember : you are adapting to a 180º change in your lives and it is normal that at times you do not feel overwhelmed. That does not mean that you should throw in the towel in your relationship as a couple or as parents, far from it! It is time to continually show your love, to enhance and improve communication and to show mutual respect every day.

It is not a bed of roses

Being parents is not a path of roses, but you can make it a pleasant path even if it has obstacles. A marriage with children is not easy and you have to learn to move forward despite the problems. It is like a sea with waves, it is necessary to learn to surf them so as not to fall into the rough waters! You need patience, love and respect to be able to keep your balance on the board.

You need to have a tribe, understand that life is not just about working and earning money. Companies should take into account the importance of fatherhood and motherhood so that in this way they give more freedom and more time to enjoy with the family. Although what matters, is surfing the waves together on the board and not falling into the choppy sea with big waves.