This story is about a wonderful 9-year-old girl who, thanks to her bottle caps, managed to create a playground full of enthusiasm and inclusion. It all started with a drawing that the girl made… a drawing that came not only from her mind, but rather from her heart. Her hands captured it on paper, and there began the change of a school playground.

Sammie Vance’s Friendship Bench

The girl’s name is Sammie Vance and she is a third-grade student in the United States. She drew a comic strip about what she thinks loneliness and inclusion means to others. She illustrated a “friends” bench so that no child would be left alone during recess.

The girl said:

“If someone is lonely or if they are new to school and have no one to play with, they can sit on the bench”

He further added:

“If other people see them on the bench, they will come up to them and ask them to play. And they can play together.”

It is a wonderful, beautiful and loving idea that was a great success in your school and it is a great idea to be carried out in all the educational centers of the world.

Unfortunately, there are many children and adolescents who find themselves alone in their school recess. They feel bad because they see others playing and having a good time and they are not able to do the same. They know what it’s like to be surrounded by people and feel alone or have no one to play with… This makes them feel a terrible emptiness in their hearts that no person in the world deserves.

your idea is wonderful

His idea had a very clear objective that perhaps not everyone has thought of: inclusion. A bench so that all the boys and girls in their school feel more integrated, without exception. Best of all, he was able to bring out the comic strip reality of him. It was not just a drawing, it became a reality.

In order to carry it out, it occurred to him to start collecting the plastic caps or plugs that he found on the floor of the school and wherever he went. The bank cost money that the school could not afford, so she wanted to take care of her payment and got down to work.

The girl worked tirelessly to collect enough plastic caps to make not just one, but 3 plastic benches. But they weren’t all for her school. One of the banks would be kept by her educational center, but she wanted the other two to have a different destiny and that other educational centers would also launch her idea.

Of course, his wonderful idea was a great success in the playground of all the educational centers in which they were installed. Teachers and students alike keep an eye on the bench to make sure that no one sits there too long and that this way, everyone who decides to sit and wait for someone to speak to them actually gets it.

This way they make sure that new friends appear just by sitting on that special bench.

Sammie Vance received a Certificate of Excellence from her local mayor, Tom Henry, for her fabulous idea. The little girl has great aspirations, and in the future she would also like to be the mayor of her town… and it is true that she points out ways! Your ideas of her are socially great! But no one is more proud of Sammie than her mother, who happily says, “I can’t stop smiling when I think of all she’s accomplished.”