Is it normal for my baby's feet to smell bad?

Everyone knows how good babies smell. They have a peculiar smell that dazzles all mothers, and it is irresistible! That’s why, when a baby’s feet smell, it hits a little with the wonderful smell of her. But why do a baby’s feet smell? Is it normal for this to happen?

Your baby’s foot odor It can surprise and even alarm you. It is normal for you to wonder if you are not bathing him enough, if he is sweating too much, if the shoes are not suitable or if what is happening is an underlying condition that you do not know about. Should you take your baby to the doctor for this reason?

You don’t have to worry, it’s normal

It’s normal for the baby’s feet to smell from time to time from time to time and it does not have to be a serious health problem, far from it. There are rare cases where babies’ feet have a bad smell caused by a metabolic disease but this should be accompanied by other symptoms in order to differentiate it.

Basically, babies their feet smell because they sweat (just like adults do). Bacteria thrive on wet, sweaty feet, resulting in a stench we’re all too familiar with. In addition, it is worth noting that sometimes babies’ feet sweat more than adults’ feet… And if they do, they smell bad.

Although there is also another reason why which causes babies’ feet to smell bad: pretty but poor quality shoes and socks. It is not uncommon for babies to experience this because if their feet are enclosed in shoes that sweats badly and they sweat more than normal, they will smell worse.

Why doesn’t the rest of the body smell bad?

It may surprise you to think that how can it be that your feet smell so bad but the rest of your body still smells wonderful. Well, this is due to the absence of hormones in her little body. Wet armpits in the baby will not develop the smell until puberty when the hormones called androgens are activated… and the smell can also become unbearable!

baby foot odor

What to do about smelly feet

Babies don’t need any kind of deodorant to make their feet smell good. It is only necessary to maintain good basic hygiene. You want to make sure your baby’s feet are always clean and as dry as possible. Fungi can also be a reason that can make your baby’s feet smell bad.

When you are at home, take off your little one’s shoes (also socks) whenever it is not too cold. It’s a good idea to keep your feet outdoors as much as possible.

You also need to bathe your baby daily or at least wash his feet if you don’t want to bathe him completely to remove any bacteria, dirt, dead skin, and odor! In addition, it is important that you forget about shoes and socks that are not made from natural materials as they will make your baby’s feet sweat more and by not perspiring well they may smell worse.

If in any case Anyway, you think that your baby’s foot odor can be caused by any medical condition or you think that his feet smell too much, then it is best that you go to the pediatrician to examine the health status of your baby Your pediatrician will tell you if it is normal or if it is an underlying cause that should be taken into account and investigated to find the best treatment in each case.