We know, there are many times that you put your head in your hands thinking that everything that has happened around you is a disaster, but your little son was learning! Yes, maybe when he eats and fills the entire floor with food it is not pleasant for anyone because then you have to clean it, but in reality, it is necessary… your child is taking advantage of all the learning opportunities.

Having children is a wonderful experience but we are not going to deny that it is accompanied by not so great moments , full of challenges that make you learn to be a parent at a forced march.

Children’s brains

Children’s brains work differently than yours. Theirs is full of magic, it’s full of love, of possibilities… while yours is full of limitations. Where you see a disaster, your child is seeing a great learning opportunity. Everything they do that seems bad to you, they really don’t do it to bother you at all… they just do it because they are learning.

When a young child wants more independence and less help, it will be time what we are talking about. They will want to do things on their own and that means that they will not always be done well… but what matters is that they are done, that you see that they are learning and that even if things go wrong now, it is the beginning to learn how to do things things better in the future.

The first times

All the first times the results are usually not good, but this does not only happen in children, the first times! Adult times are also not wonderful! Do you remember the first time you took a car? The first time you rode a bike? The first time you cooked? The first few times are always a disaster but it takes practice to get better and with this, patience is essential.

baby firsts

For this reason, you should be patient with your young children, change your thinking and realize that what you previously thought was a disaster is actually a learning opportunity that should not be wasted. What gets dirty will be cleaned up… but practice is essential to improve any skill…at any age.

It is important that children have the initiative and are allowed to have it This will help them develop good self-esteem and self-confidence. Your children should feel how you trust them, how you allow them to do things because you know that although sometimes it is difficult for them, with practice and if necessary with your guidance, they will be able to do them better over time.

Life with children is wonderful chaos

Your life with children is chaos, we agree. But it’s a wonderful mess you wouldn’t trade for the world. It doesn’t matter if they mess up or if you get angry about it… in reality, that’s your life with them and it’s the most perfect thing you have within the imperfection of parenting.

For your mind for a moment and enjoy life. Start seeing things from your child’s eyes and you will begin to understand many things… and enjoy many others. Remember that where you see disasters, your children are seeing learning opportunities. Instead of getting angry or throwing your hands in your head, be his guide with patience and love. Because if children need something it is your empathy, they need to see that you understand them and that you are always by their side, no matter what happens.