stories for kids

On the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Juan lived with his mother. Juan was a very good boy, however, he was always in trouble for being very absent-minded. Not that he wanted to be that way, but he had a hard time paying attention and following directions.

One Sunday, very early in the morning, his mother called him from the door and said:

— Juan, pay attention: I have to go to town for mass and I need you to take care of Dorotea, the pig. Bring him water so he doesn’t get thirsty and doesn’t get too hot, do you understand me?

At that moment, he closed the door and began the long walk towards the village.

“Of course, Mom,” answered Juan.

But in reality, since he was half asleep and yawning while his mom was talking to him, the only words he could hear were:


“My mommy wants me to take Dorotea the pig to mass,” thought Juan.

So she ran to her mom’s room, opened the closet and picked out the best Sunday suit her mom had and two pairs of heels.

Then, she went to the dresser and picked up a necklace, a pair of earrings, and the pearl bracelet. He put everything on the bed and went out to the corral.

“I’ve come to take you to mass, Dorotea, but first I have to dress you very well.”

Juan opened the gate of the pen and took the sow to his mother’s room.

While in the room, she put on her suit, jewelry, and heels. Before leaving, she applied a bit of makeup and placed a straw hat on her head to keep her warm.

“You have to look great to go to mass,” Juan said.

Then, he opened the door of the house, but Dorotea, all dressed up, ran out to her corral. The poor sow didn’t like dresses or jewelry, so she grunted and rolled in the mud until she got rid of them.

At that moment, Juan’s mother was returning from mass in the company of her neighbors, and seeing such a spectacle they laughed out loud.

This is why, to this day, when someone dresses himself up too much, the neighbors say that he looks like Juan’s pig.