Back to school is just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare the school supplies for the new course. This responsibility usually falls on parents, but involving children in choosing their school supplies is an excellent way to motivate them to return to school and help them overcome post-holiday blues. A good plan is to visit a stationery store with them so they can choose their favorite materials, but you can also do it from the comfort of your home through online stores like Amazon.

On Amazon you can find many very cool options and designs, but if you want to get it right the first time, an excellent idea is to opt for kawaii school supplies. Exported from Japanese culture, the term refers to the representation of adorable characters or drawings that are very cute and irresistible. From Hello Kitty or Pokemon materials to accessories with flowers, teddy bears or delicate landscapes, there are designs for almost every taste. Here is a selection of some kawaii school supplies that children will love.

10 school accessories inspired by kawaii culture

1. School diary

Little Hello Kitty fans will be delighted to have this A5 school planner on their way back to school. The Erik Group agenda will allow children to organize all their time and take note of the most important events from August 2021 to July 2022. With two pages per week, it includes space for schedules, a section to write down personal data, several pages for notes and a 2021/2022 calendar. In addition, it contains various stickers so that children can decorate their most significant events and an accordion-style envelope so that they can treasure their personal notes. Unlike other diaries, it has a very resistant cover and a spiral binding with elastic band closure,which makes it a durable and easy to handle agenda.

2. Stationery set

If you are looking for a more complete stationery set for children’s back to school, this Toyess option is perfect. With a cute pastel unicorn design, it includes an adjustable drawstring backpack that fits almost any height child, as well as a cute notebook made with sustainable paper, 10 different colored gel pens and smooth writing, 6 post -it and 6 pencils with a built-in eraser It also contains 6 stickers so that children can give their school supplies a personalized touch, as well as a gift bag so that you can wrap it up and give them a surprise.

3. Silicone case

Practical and fun, with this silicone pencil case the little ones at home will capture all the attention of their friends when they return to school. Its pink rabbit design, also available in a blue koala version, is very cute, so it will not only serve as a pencil case but also to decorate the desk in the children’s room. Being made of silicone , it is very resistant, so it will last a long time, while it can be carried in any compartment of the backpack because it is very flexible. In addition, it has a lot of space inside, it supports about 15 pens and pencils, as well as erasers or small rulers.

4. Note dispenser

Whether it’s for your desk at home or toss around in your school bag, this memo dispenser is the perfect accessory to show off your kawaii style. Its face-up kitty design is not only adorable but also very practical as it allows you to easily take one note sheet at a time. Thanks to its non- slip base, it is very easy to handle even with one hand, in fact, it allows you to remove the sheets without leaving residues and leaving the next one ready for use. The dispenser includes a Super Sticky notepad with a stronger hold that stays stuck for much longer.

5. Ring binder

This ring binder is perfect for children to always keep their pages organized. Available in various kawaii designs and in pastel tones, it is not only very pretty but also practical. It has easy-to-manipulate rings that fix the pages so they don’t get lost inside the backpack and also includes an elastic strap that prevents it from opening. Made with a hard cardboard cover and a matte paper cover, it is very resistant to the passage of time, so it will surely accompany children throughout the school year.

6. Grid notebook

With this notebook from the Erik Group, children will be delighted to return to school. Its adorable kitten design makes it a safe bet for the smallest fans of the kawaii phenomenon. The notebook includes 80 sheets of 70-gram paper and is protected by a hard cardboard cover with a gloss finish that gives it greater durability. In addition, it has rounded corners to avoid accidental injuries and it has a metal spiral that allows you to easily turn the page. Thanks to its grid sheets, it’s perfect for science classes like math, but kids who are good at writing can use it for any other class too.

7. Kawaii pens

With this pack from the Ciaoed label, children will be delighted to have a brand new pen on their return to school. They have a very cool floral design in pastel tones that combines with practically any school accessory. However, their biggest advantage is that they offer an extra-smooth writing system, which means that children will hardly have to strain to make their lines. Unlike other gel ink pens, these do not leave marks on paper and are also non-toxic so they are safe even for the youngest children. It is worth noting that they include pens of different colors and that the pack is also available in various designs.

8. Text markers

Pastel colors are not only adorable but also a symbol of the kawaii trend, so little fans of this phenomenon will love these text markers. Available in 6 fluorescent colors, these markers can last up to four hours uncapped without the ink drying out, making them perfect for little ones who don’t usually pay attention to these details. And, so that they can be handled with ease, they have a non- slip design that prevents them from slipping out of your hands. It is worth noting that the ink is water-based, so it is safe for children.

9. Pencil case

Does your child always outgrow his pencil case? With this adorable kawaii-inspired pencil case you won’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Its design with three large capacity compartments allows you to store up to 120 pencils and pens and even differentiate them by type or color palette to always have them at hand. As it is a flexible case, it adapts to any space so it will always have a place inside the school bag. And in addition, it is very resistant since it is made of polyester, so that it will accompany the children throughout the entire course. It is worth noting that it is available in different models.

10. Multicolored erasers

Erasers are a back to school classic, but who said they have to be boring? This set of 6 erasers is proof that even small details count. They have an adorable animal design and come in a kind of soft case with rounded edges that not only protects the rubber but also makes it easier to grip so that children do not get their hands dirty at any time. In fact, they have a built-in roller that makes it easier to pick up the rubber fragments on the paper so they don’t end up scattered on the table.