Keys in raising a teenage child

It is possible that if you have a teenager you want to open and close your eyes and that this complicated stage will pass and become a rational adult and without so many mood swings . Do not worry, this behavior is normal and also necessary for adolescents to evolve. Teenagers must establish their identity and shape their personality to make a place for themselves in the world.

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Adolescents want independence from their parents to feel in control of their lives. It is not easy to get the relationship with the teenager to be adequate and idyllic, but it is important that you feel by his side all the time. All parents were also adolescents and one way to understand them is by remembering our own adolescence: it is a time of learning and growth for all of us.

Adolescents use the line between childhood and adulthood as a transition but it really can’t be any other way. It is necessary to take into account some keys for parenting in the life of adolescents so that the relationship between parents and children does not break.

Sometimes you do not have to do anything

Like anything else, fighting for what you believe in sometimes has to be less about momentum and more about position. It’s not a sign of conformity, it’s about standing your ground. Sometimes it’s about letting arguments and strong emotions go to the side or behind you, so you can see problems for what they are, free of judgment and just to get well.

Listening is more important than being right

It is very important that adolescents feel heard at all times, because in this way they will feel respected. Hear what they think, what they want and why it is important to them. Don’t be afraid to change your mind once you’ve heard everything they have to say. Sometimes, of course, you’ll be more confident in knowing your decision is the right one.When teens feel empowered to speak up, they’ll likely be more able to trust that your decision is the right one /strong> and that you are here to guide him.

Teen Parenting

There is a he line between childhood and adult life: it’s adolescence

Adolescents will have childhood moments and other moments that seem totally adult. Problems arise when there is a disagreement about how you behave and how you should behave. Teens want their independence and they don’t want to lose control. We want them to have more responsibility but we don’t fully trust them…then conflict is created. Teens can feel confused, they need patience, information, guidance and support. Your children need to feel confident enough to do what they have to do. Sometimes things get difficult but you need to be their guide in the middle of the jungle.

Separate your child from their behavior

Behavior is often not united with the person and it is a mistake to believe that by rejecting the behavior you must also reject the person. This is not a good way to work the behavior. If you separate the behavior from the person, you can establish better communication. For example, you can say something like: ‘I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you probably have a good reason for this. What I also know is that there is another more appropriate way to achieve your goal, we just have to find out what you need and the possibilities we have.

Which keys do you think are important?