Leg exercises for pregnant women will not only help you tone your legs, but they also have other benefits.

In general terms, exercising during pregnancy helps you feel better, relieve certain pains typical of this stage, and keep the body prepared for childbirth. In this case, we focus on some  leg exercises for pregnant women and their benefits.

If before pregnancy you were not active, that is, you did not exercise regularly, but you want to start being, do it little by little. To begin with, 5 to 10 minutes a day will be enough, which you can gradually increase. For example, adding 5 minutes each week until you reach 30.


In pregnancy, the mother’s blood, in addition to carrying out her body’s own functions, must supply the necessary substances for the proper development of the fetus, as well as collect waste to discard it. In this line, we can say that, from the beginning of pregnancy, the blood vessels dilate, thus increasing the volume of maternal blood. In addition, the volume of the uterus increases, which causes some difficulties in the blood return from the legs, and usually causes a feeling of heaviness, inflammation and, in some cases, the appearance of varicose veins.

In the second and third trimesters, leg cramps will not be uncommon, especially at night, while you sleep. This occurs because the muscles suddenly tighten. To prevent these discomforts, it is recommended to have an active pregnancy, and therefore, exercise.

Thus, leg exercises for pregnant women will help tone the legs and improve circulation. In this way, the appearance of cramps and varicose veins can be avoided, which, as we said, are very common in the gestation period.

Cardiovascular exersise

There are some physical activities that go very well to improve blood circulation during pregnancy. Some of them are swimming , aquagym or going for a walk outdoors. In addition, you can also choose to go by bike, either static or mobile.

Any of these exercises will help you burn calories , tone and strengthen your leg muscles without overexertion, so they are safe. Either way, start slowly and gradually, and if you start to feel fatigue or pain, don’t hesitate to immediately lower the intensity of the exercise. Take advantage of these practices to control your breathing.

leg raises

Other leg exercises for pregnant women include leg lifts, which help tone the thigh muscles. To carry them out, you must follow the following steps:

1. Lie on a thin mat on your left side, making sure your shoulders, hips, and knees are aligned.

2. You can rest your head on your left hand and place your right hand on the floor in front of your body.

3. Keeping your right leg straight or with your knee bent (you can do it both ways), lift it up, then lower it back to its starting position.

Repeat this movement 10 times and then switch sides to do the exercise with the other leg.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends avoiding contact sports such as basketball or soccer, as they can pose risks to both mother and baby.

Other sports that are not recommended during pregnancy are gymnastics and skiing, in addition to those that from the first trimester of pregnancy involve having to lie on your back.

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