Still haven’t decided on a name for your baby? Try among the following long names with meaning that we have selected for you.

There are all kinds of names that fit the personality. Unlike short names, long names make themselves memorable and quickly stand out among others. Many times we have heard that a name is so important for each person that we must stop and think carefully about the meaning of the names to consider. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Below we present the selection of long names that Mundo Elementary has made for you. We wish you to find that name that your little one will wear with pride. Read carefully and you will be surprised with each of its meanings.

Long names for girls and their meaning


This name means “ the defender of humanity ”.


Its meaning is ” the one that does not perish “.


It means ” wise woman “.


Its meaning is ” the one who judges with benevolence “.


It means ” the one who brings purity with her ” or ” the hope of the peoples “.


Its meaning is ” victorious woman ” or ” the winner “.


The meaning of this name is ” the caretaker of the garden ” or also ” the one that flourishes among the pastures “.


This name means “ the consolation of God ”.


Its meaning is ” the bite of a snake “.


Name that means ” the bravest of all “.

Long names for boys and their meaning


From Latin and means ” as radiant as the sun itself “.


Name of Roman origin that means ” bearer of good news “.


Its meaning is ” beautiful golden flower “.


This name means “ dandelion ”.


It means ” the guardian of riches “.


Name from Latin meaning ” free man “.


Name of Germanic origin that means “ chosen as protector ” or “ strong helmet ”.


It means “ the sultan who does honesty ”.


Name of Greek origin that means ” the honorable one “.


Its meaning is ” the eighth son “.


Also Wilfrid. It means “ who brings peace ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Alexandrine They are usually skeptical and patient. Conciliatory, little conflictive and brave, they themselves are in charge of resolving all their situations.
amaranth They appear to be rigid and unforgiving, but at the same time show shyness when expressing their feelings. Leaders, with an analytical spirit and stand out for their perseverance. Sensitive, but often take refuge in a harsh personality.
Carolina observers and patients. They know when to make their moves and therefore often go unnoticed. They do not like to attract attention outside of what is necessary or unless they want to stand out for some achievement. They have a talent for visual arts and music.
Clemency They are easily distracted, but that is because they have a great imagination. Their creative aspect provides them with success when they know how to exploit it. Little romantic but very passionate and they are interested in crafts.
Emerald Enigmatic and have a certain mystery in their eyes. They like freedom and are averse to commitments in general. Intelligent, very perceptive, nothing escapes them and they have a great sense of humor.
Stephanie They try to maintain peace and tranquility in the places where they are. They make themselves felt with the strength and courage they possess. They are tenacious in the face of any obstacle. Courageous, compressive and do not like routines.
Hydrangea Gentle and tender. They tend to evade questions and topics they don’t feel comfortable with with admirable diplomacy. Fearless and highly skilled.
cupcake They have good oral expression and like group activities in which they stand out quickly. They do not like feelings of envy or resentment. They are usually calm and very cautious when entrusting them with a secret.
serafina Cautious, they have good intentions, but sometimes they don’t know how to carry them out. Calm and friendly. They have some difficulty expressing their emotions and can sometimes seem blunt.
Valentine Bold and full of energy. They are full of charm and know how to please others. They like aesthetics, flirtatious and like to look good. They impress others with their skills and excel at anything they put their mind to.
Aurelian They are usually curious and of great ingenuity. They may like superficiality, but when it comes to being serious, they tend to take matters into their own hands. They do not like the definitive because they tend to feel more comfortable with changes.
Cajetan Extroverted and have very good skills to communicate with others. Prone to exaggerating things and sometimes this amuses other people. They tend to adapt very quickly.
Chrysanthemum They make hasty decisions and do not care that this means taking certain risks. They like discoveries and adventures that lead them to surpass themselves. They are energetic and vital. They have gifts for percussion and music.
dandelions They have a friendly and charismatic personality. Sociable and like to be surrounded by friends. They have a quick reaction ability that makes them excel in various activities. Friendly and have a hard time keeping still.
Eduardo They tend to be enigmatic, quick-tempered and a bit impatient. They like everything to go according to plan and are upset if anything goes differently. Intelligent, bold and a little shy, which is why they tend to feel nervous in front of unknown people.
Francisco Good talkers, although they can sometimes pass for talkers when they don’t measure their words. Cunning and intelligent. They tend to be perfectionists and stand out for it. Enthusiastic and vivacious.
William They have great strength of spirit and are affected by low self-esteem. They must try to get away from feelings of inferiority in order to succeed with all the courage and honor they possess.
saladin Restless, competitive and they like sports. Extroverted, dynamic and possess great authenticity. They do not like lazy people and always have conflicts with those who they consider to be lazy.
Sebastian They do not like obligations and often feel nervous when they are faced with a subject that they do not master well. Loyal, very good friends and there are no equal companions. They do not like injustices or heavy jokes.
Wilfredo Possessive and like to attract attention. They know how to organize and manage money and resources. They like to be surrounded by close people who share their interests. They have a logical and rational spirit and are hardly fooled.
Octavian They have great artistic qualities through which they express their feelings. Calm and collected. They like to feel surrounded by affection and like them everywhere. They easily find respect everywhere they go.