Mayan girl names | Amazing names for your new born

Are you in the final stretch of your pregnancy? Congratulations! Soon you will have the happiness of having your baby in your arms. If you know that she will be a girl, you should choose a melodic name, full of charm and, why not, perhaps with some mystery. Luckily, there are many options that can meet your expectations, but without a doubt, giving her an enigmatic Mayan name will give your girl a unique personality. To help you in your selection, in this baby names article you will find more than 125 Mayan girl names , which have a very deep meaning. Your only job will be to choose which one you want to keep. Keep reading to learn about indigenous girl names and Mayan and Aztec names.

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Popular Mayan Girl Names

Let’s look at some ancient Mayan girl names and nature names in Mayan. In this section, you will discover a list with some names that, apart from being beautiful, are very popular.

  • Aka pana: a name of Quechua origin and that means “little hurricane” or also “whirlwind”.
  • Alitzel: name whose translation is “the smiling girl”.
  • Aklla: this beautiful name translates as the chosen one and was widely used by the Quechuas.
  • Akal: is the name by which one of the 20 days that exist in the Mayan calendar is known and means “darkness”.
  • Amaru: beautiful popular Mayan name that means “the night”.
  • Aruma: one of the popular Mayan girl names and that means the night.
  • Cozumel: This name is used to designate the place of the swallows and also belongs to a well-known river in Mexico.
  • Chakte: ancient Mayan title that was used to designate an important or main character of a place.
  • Itza: name that appears in the Mayan sacred book the Popol Vuh, and which translates as “princess”. According to legend, she was the daughter of the god Xibalba.
  • Jenkail: It is a popular Mayan girl’s name and means “the flowering of corn”.
  • Maczil: This is a name that means “the miraculous thing.”
  • Malinali: This name translates as “wild grass”.
  • Naré: means “the one who receives”.
  • Nuscaa: is “the new land”.
  • Pacha: refers to the origin of the earth and translates as “world”.
  • Quetzaly: It is a popular Mayan name for girls and means “the beautiful woman”.
  • Saya: its literal translation is “the woman who is always standing”.
  • Sayab: translates as “spring”.
  • Sugey: is associated with sunlight, and is a commonly used name in America.
  • Yamil: Very popular Mayan name that translates as “love.”
  • Yatziri: the meaning is the “goddess of the moon”.
  • Yelitza: popular Mayan name that means “the gate of heaven.”
  • Zamná: a beautiful name that means “God is knowledge”.

Original Mayan girl names

You have already seen the most popular Mayan girl names. Now check the list of Mayan names for your girl that are original and you will see that they are really beautiful and melodic.

  • Acoatl: this name was used by the Mayans to designate the snakes that live under water.
  • Achikilla: Original Mayan girl’s name that translates to “the moon that shines.”
  • Alitzel: name of Mayan origin and that is associated with “smiling girl”.
  • Axochilt: This name means aquatic flower.
  • Balanca: This is a beautiful original Mayan name that translates as “nine stars”.
  • Bamoa: its meaning is “the spike”.
  • Chacté: Mayan name meaning “red wood.”
  • Citlalli: is a name whose meaning is “the star”.
  • Dayami: this name was also used by the Aztecs, whose translation is “the goddess of the river”.
  • Eluney: A popular Mayan name meaning “beautiful gift from heaven.” If you are looking for Mayan names for girls that mean a gift from God, this is one of them.
  • Ixmucané: refers to mother earth is and another of the Mayan girl names about nature.
  • Jatziry: This is a name of Mayan origin that means “the white flower”. It was also widely used by the Aztecs.
  • Kantunil: name that translates as precious stone.
  • Khuyaq: refers to Mayan women who were very loving.
  • Litza: its meaning is “the star”.
  • Mactzil: it is “the miraculous thing”, they are usually gentle and kind women.
  • Mastkil: It was used by the Mayans to refer to pretty and funny things.
  • Muyal: is the cloud of heaven.
  • Nicté: This name translates as “beautiful flower” and was the man of a famous Mayan princess.
  • Nictehá: name of Mayan origin for girls that means “the flower of water”. It is the name of a princess who lived in Mayapán.
  • Nuscaa: translates as “new land” and is related to mother earth.
  • Sam Nicte: means “beautiful pink flower” and another of the Mayan girl names about nature.
  • Yalit: beautiful original Mayan name and that means “the flower of the corn”.
  • Yat: This is a girl’s name and it translates as “fire flame”.
  • Yatzil: it is another of the most beautiful Mayan girl names since yatzil is a very energetic woman and means “the beloved”.
  • Zulia: she was a motilona princess and her translation is “river that spills”.

Names of Mayan goddesses for girls

Mayan history is full of colorful names of goddesses that are perfect for a girl, because they are sonorous and have an intense meaning. There are beautiful Mayan warrior goddess names! Let’s see the most beautiful Mayan princess and goddess names:

  • Akhushtal: name given to the goddess of life and fertility, she was the protector of pregnancies and births.
  • Avilix: beautiful name that represents the goddess of day and night.
  • Awilix: is a name of a Mayan goddess, whose temple of worship was in the city of Cajamarca.
  • Chac: unisex name that was used to designate the God of rain.
  • Chirakan-Ixmucane: She was one of the 13 gods who, according to Mayan mythology, participated in the creation of the world.
  • Dayamí: it is a Mayan goddess name for a girl. She is the goddess of rivers.
  • Ekahau: name given to the divinity that protected merchants and travelers.
  • Hac Chel: This was a powerful goddess who represented healing, creation, divination, and even destruction.
  • Ikal: name of Mayan origin that has a beautiful sound and means “spirit”.
  • Xbalanqué: with this name the goddess of the moon was also designated.
  • Ixche l: name of the Goddess of the Moon who was the wife of the Mayan solar God.
  • Ixquic: Name of the Mayan goddess who was the protector of the youngest mothers in the village and was also the representative of the waning moon.
  • Itzamná: name of the goddess of night and day, whose translation is “house of the iguanas”.
  • Ixtab: She was the goddess of suicide and was represented by a rope as a symbol of the gallows. In her time, suicide was the representation of bravery.
  • IxU: This was the goddess of childbirth and the protector of lovers.
  • Kin: is the Mayan name for the Sun King and is used for both girls and boys.
  • Maiu: was the goddess of flowering and is related to the month of spring.
  • Naab : with this name the goddess of the lagoons and the Mayan rivers was known.
  • Xareni: She was a goddess of love and princess of the forests.
  • Xbaquiyalo: appears as the wife of a god and is associated with the goddess of games.
  • Xtabai: She was a goddess wife of the lord of the dead and was known as the goddess of suicides.
  • Yaxcol: it was used to refer to a sown milpa or a very rich land for the harvest.
  • Yuritzi: it is another of the most beautiful Mayan girl names and it is the name of the goddess of the moon.

Beautiful Mayan girl names

These Mayan girl names that we compiled are very precious. If you opt for any of them for your baby, many people will surely love how it sounds and what it means.

  • Amankaya: beautiful girl’s name that means “the lily flower”.
  • A maru: this is a Mayan mythological name that represents the sacred serpent that watches over infinity.
  • Anahí : a beautiful Mayan name that was also used by the Guarani, and whose meaning is “the ceibo flower”.
  • Anayansi – This is another very precious Mayan name and translates to “the key to happiness”.
  • Ariché: a name with a lot of sonority and that translates as “beautiful sunset”.
  • Asiri: This is a very precious Mayan girl’s name and means “beautiful smile”.
  • Aymara: beautiful name of Quechua origin that is related to “the merciful” or “the immortal”.
  • Canek: is the black snake.
  • Elunéi: its meaning is “the queen of heaven”.
  • Erandi: It ‘s dawn.
  • Itati: means “white stone” and is a name that has a Guarani origin.
  • Itayetzy: name that translates as moon.
  • Itzen : Beautiful name meaning “fine dew.”
  • Iyali: means “the heart of the earth” and another of the beautiful Mayan girl names about nature.
  • Izamal: it is a name that belongs to a Mexican town and that is associated with “the dew of the sky”.
  • Izayana: name that belonged to a princess daughter of the great chief Nequecheri.
  • Ihzi: means “the mist” or “the mist”.
  • Malli: refers to the flowers of the garden.
  • Maya : name of Greek origin meaning “the motherly.” He has an agile, cunning and friendly personality.
  • Nixte: means “beautiful flower” and another of the Mayan girl names about nature.
  • Nicte Ha: name of an ancient Mayan princess who generated many wars for her great beauty.
  • Nicteza: variant for Nicte Ha, and which translates as the flower of the water.
  • Umiña: name that was used to name the emeralds and green precious stones.
  • Uxmal: name of an ancient Mayan city.
  • Yachay: It is a beautiful Mayan girl’s name that is associated with “wisdom”.
  • Yaretizy: a beautiful name that means “the one who will always be loved”.
  • Yexalen: This is a Mayan variant to refer to the stars.
  • Zazil ha: a cute Mayan name for girls and that means “the princess of the water”.
  • Zaziluj – This name is associated with the clear moon.

Modern Mayan Girl Names

Finally, you have the modern Mayan girl names. They are full of grace and a very well defined identity. Let’s see the meaning of Aztec and Mayan names for girls:

  • Aketzali: is a Mayan variant for Aketzaly and whose translation is “beautiful and very clear water”, they are usually sweet and funny girls.
  • Anayanzin: is a Mayan girl’s name that is used to refer to the stars.
  • Awqa: This is a name that was also used by the Quechuas, which translates as “warrior and brave.”
  • Aruma: This is a modern Mayan name that is “the beautiful night.”
  • Atziri: beautiful name whose translation is “corn”.
  • Boneci: old Mayan name for a girl and that is related to flowers.
  • Chami – This is a modern Mayan girl’s name that translates to “little.”
  • Chiquinquira: name that was used to designate the site for the worship of the Mayan gods.
  • Dzan: popular name in the Mayan culture and that means “the swallow”.
  • Ek: name that translates as star and is also used as a surname in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.
  • Haylli: this name is of Quechua origin and translates as “a song for victory”.
  • Itzamaray: It is a modern Mayan girl’s name whose translation is “the star”.
  • Kabah: This name is borne by some famous Mayan ruins and translates as “the path or the grotto of the gods”.
  • Kinich: means “like the face of the sun”.
  • Kori: beautiful name of Quechua roots and that translates as “gold, golden”.
  • Litza: means “star”.
  • Lool: refers to the flowers and the garden.
  • Maimara: Mayan name that has the translation of “a star falls”.
  • Malli: Modern Mayan name that translates “flower of the garden.”
  • Noíl: means “greatness”.
  • Rawa: This means “burning or candle”.
  • Sami – This is a modern Mayan girl’s name and means “the lucky one.”
  • Sasil: A modern Mayan name and which translates as “light or clarity.”
  • Sugey: It is related to sunlight.
  • Sumailla: is a beautiful name that translates “beautiful light”.
  • Paqali: beautiful name that is associated with “dawn”.
  • Taki: very beautiful name that means “rhythm, music”.
  • Tamia: beautiful name of Quechua origin and that means “the rain, the wind or the downpour”.
  • Wayya: is associated with “green and leafy grass”.
  • Xail is a modern Mayan girl’s name and translates to “sun.”
  • Xaman: This name means star and another of the beautiful Mayan girl names about nature.
  • Yanay: means “the one who will always be loved”.
  • Zacnité: name to refer to a beautiful white flower.

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