Choosing a name for your baby is a challenging task. Although it may seem simple, you will already know what we mean. For this reason, we present the meaning of notable names that you can consider if you are in that election process. We are going to explain the importance of the Abel Name Meaning.

The etymology of the name Abel Meaning:

According to anthropogenic studies, the name meaning Abel is considered one of the first names in history and is related to the genesis of the Bible. Abel was the second son born to Adam and Eve and was dedicated to herding sheep. He was killed by his older brother Cain in a fit of jealousy. Also, Abel was one of the most famous names used among the English Puritans of the 17th century. Abel is the variant of the name in Spanish. You might be interested in Aaron Name & Meaning.


Ábel in Czech, Abele in Italian, Abelis in Lithuanian, Abelardo in Galician, Habil in Arabic, and Habel in Greek. The most common female variant is usually Abela. One of the most popular variants of the Abel meaning of name is Abiel. Find more names at our Two Name site.

Famous people meaning of Abel name:

Abel Ruiz Ortega

  • Spanish soccer player: He was born in 2000 and is one of the youngest people to enter the professional categories of FC Barcelona in 2017. He currently plays for Sporting Clube de Braga as a striker. He is an enthusiastic, energetic boy who does not like to sit still. Since childhood, he has stood out for his passion for all sports activities.

Abel Mathias Hernandez

  • Uruguayan soccer player: his birth was born in 1990, and since then, he has had a career as a soccer player participating with the Uruguayan team in the Soccer World Cup in 2014. He currently plays as a striker for SC International Brasileirão. He is an active, smiling young man with a positive attitude towards life. He stands out for his determination and tendency to be a great leader.

Abel Kirui

  • Kenyan Athlete – He was born in 1982 and is a keen sportsman who competes in long-distance running. In 2009 he won the gold medal in Berlin at the world championship marathon, and in 2012, he took the silver medal at the London Olympics. He is a man determined to achieve what he wants. He is kind and supportive and knows how to please others.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

  • Canadian Singer, Songwriter, and Producer – Born in Toronto in 1990, better known as The Weeknd. He has won three Grammy Awards and nine Juno Awards and has also been nominated for an Academy Award. He is a lovely young man, cheerful and of good convictions. When something gets between his eyebrows, he is hardly distracted from his goal until he sees it accomplished.

General characteristics the meaning of the name Abel:

Generally, people who bear this name are dedicated and focused on their life goals. They are usually clear about where they are and where they are going without hesitation. Although they can sometimes be distracted, when they find north, there is nothing and no one to divert them from their projections. They are tender, kind people, and their friendship is unique.