Each name has a special meaning and without a doubt we want to give you all the information you should know about it. When you choose a name, its origin, its meaning and even those characters who have the name and have made history through time can be important. Please note that all names have a different etymology which may be of importance to you. Next we will explain the meaning of the name Alice.

Etymology of the name Alice:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Alicia comes from the Greek word alétheia which means “truth”. Despite being an old name, its popularity reaches great popularity from the nineteenth century with the publication of Alice in Wonderland., a story written by Lewiz Carroll and inspired by the personification of his childhood best friend, Alicia Liddell. Also known is Alice Eastwood, an American botanist and curator in the late 19th century who studied plants and worked as an assistant at the California Academy of Sciences herbarium until she became its director. Alicia Moreau de Justo was an Argentine physician and politician in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who fought for women’s rights. Alicia Licha Zubasnarda de la Cuadra was an activist and one of the founders of the human rights organization Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. Alice Miller was a Polish psychologist who organized against child abuse. Alicia is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Alice or Alix in German, Alizia in Aragonese, Licia in Asturian, Alícia in Catalan, Alice in Czech and Danish, Alica in Slovak, Alico in Esperanto, Alike or Alize in Basque, Aliisa in Finnish, Alizée in French, Alís in Galician , Alike in Greek, Alíz in Hungarian, Alice or Alison in English, Lísa in Icelandic, Arisu in Japanese, Alicijain Lithuanian, Alicja in Polish, Alícia in Portuguese, Alisa in Russian, Alice in Swedish and Norwegian, Aliza in Hebrew. A diminutive of this name can be Ali. There are no known male variants.

Famous people named Alice:

  • Alicia de Larrocha of Martinez Street

    • Spanish pianist : she was born in Barcelona in 1923. She was an internationally renowned concert pianist and one of the best piano performers of the 20th century with more than 3,500 concerts around the world. Her career began at the age of 3 when she demonstrated her talent and was admitted to the Marshall Academy. At the age of 6 he gave his first concert and at the age of 11 he played with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra. He has won 4 Grammy Awards, the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, the National Music Award, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, among many other distinctions.
  • Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

    • American jazz pianist and composer : she was born in Detroit in 1937. She is also known for playing instruments such as the organ and the harp, including them in an innovative way in musical scenes typical of jazz. He began to play music at the motivation of his mother in a church in his city, greatly arousing his interest. He then played in clubs until he decided to go to Paris to learn classical music and find his way in jazz.
  • Alice Fox

    • American professional wrestler, actress, and model : She was born in Florida in 1986. She has also been known under the name Victoria Elizabeth Crawford. She began as a model in fashion catalogs and little by little she entered the world of wrestling competitions where she was victorious on several occasions in WWE. That recognition as an athlete led her to have appearances in movies and in television series as an actress. It has also been an inspiration for video game characters.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Alice:

People who bear this name are usually brave, visionary and very creative . They have an inexhaustible imagination that leads them to innovate and seek unexpected solutions to problems. They detest injustice and speak out with determination against it. They have many faculties and talents that make them stand out in any activity they wish to do. They are persevering, altruistic, empathetic and very loyal to their friends. They do not like to be ordered because they live under the freedom of their judgment and are very reasonable. They are rebellious and can sometimes become very stubborn when it comes to discussing a topic of interest to them. They are also tender, friendly and sincere.