This is excellent news! If you have entered this page, it is surely because you are looking for attractive meanings of names. We congratulate you on the good news and present you with the best selections of name meanings so that you can make the right decision. Do not rush, you will have enough time to carry out your choice. In this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Angela .

Etymology of the name Angela:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Angela is considered to come from the Greek word Ággelos, which refers to the angel as protector of heaven and messenger of Yahweh’s glory . The name achieved great popularity from the Middle Ages continuing its use in the Modern Age. Santa Ángela de la Cruz is known, a Spanish Catholic nun, born in Seville and created the religious congregation Compañía de las Hermanas de la Cruz whose objective is aimed at helping people in need. Saint Angela of Foligno from the 13th century and Saint Angela de Mericí, a Franciscan nun who lived in the 15th century, are also known. Ángela is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Àngela in Catalan, Angèle in French, Ângela in Portuguese, Angéla in Hungarian, Angele in Lithuanian, Anjera in Japanese, Anděla in Czech, Aniela in Polish. Its diminutive is usually Angy or Angie. The most common male variant is usually Angel. Other known versions are Angeles or Angelina.

Famous people named Angela:

  • angela aki

    • Japanese singer -songwriter : also known as Aki Kiyomi, she was born on the island of Shikoku in 1977. Since she was a child she showed her talent, at the age of three she learned to play the piano and years later she excelled at playing other musical instruments. He spent his teenage years in Hawaii and moved to Washington for college. At that time he played in a cafeteria and his talent was discovered by a music producer that meant the beginning of his artistic career.
  • Angela Yvonne Davis

    • American philosopher, professor and activist : born in Alabama in 1944. She is a professor of the History of Consciousness at the University of California. She began her studies with very clear political ideas that led her to be involved in some controversies that sought to discredit her work. Her activism and attitude towards life led her to be an inspiration for artists who have honored her, such as the Rolling Stones, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Pablo Milanés, Yannick Noah and Shepard Fairey. In Chile there is a town that bears his name because of the electrical installations and drinking water system that were made possible, in part thanks to his donation.
  • Angela Molina Weaver

    • Spanish actress : she was born in Madrid in 1955. From an artist family, she is considered one of the most representative actresses of the transition period in Spanish history. She has been the winner of the David de Donatello Award, the San Sebastian International Film Festival Award, the Goya Honor Award, five times the Fotogramas de Plata Award, the Circle of Cinematographic Writers Medal, the Sant Jordi Awards, and twice the Spanish Film Festival Award in Malaga and Zapping Awards.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Angela:

They are characterized by being skillful, intrepid, very insightful and intuitive people . Nothing escapes them and they don’t lose track. They have a great imagination and the ability to communicate both verbally and gesturally. They don’t need many words to get their point across. Their mentality is usually rational, open to possibilities and changes, which is why they are willing to listen even if they do not agree with the opinions. They do not usually make excessive decisions and their greatest weapon is their sanity and serenity in conflict situations.