This is excellent news! If you have entered this page, it is surely because you are looking for attractive meanings of names. We congratulate you on the good news and present you with the best selections of name meanings so that you can make the right decision. Do not rush, you will have enough time to carry out your choice. In this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Antonio .

Etymology of the name Antonio:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that Antonio is a name of Greek origin, which derived from the Latin Antonius , which means “brave”. It is the name of one of the families of Ancient Rome, the Antonia gens , coming from a patrician branch. Saint Anthony of Padua or Saint Anthony of Lisbon was known, a priest of the Franciscan Order with a great capacity for preaching, biblical sermons and his scholastic knowledge. Also renowned is Antonio Abad, a Christian monk and founder of the eremitical movement characterized by leading an anchorite lifestyle and who is said to have reached 105 years of age. Antonio is the variant of the name in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


Tonči or Antun in Lithuanian, Toini in Finnish, Anton Danish or in Russian, Antxon or Andoni in Basque, Akoni or Anakoni in Hawaiian, Antony or Anthony in English, Antono in Esperanto, Antonius in Roman, Theunis in Dutch, Antonios in Greek, Tonino in Italian, Toninho in Portuguese, Antonijo in Croatian, Tonije in Serbian, Antonij in Macedonian, Antonie in Dutch,Antoni in Catalan and Polish, Tönis in Estonian, Andon in Bulgarian, Tone in Slovenian, Antón in Galician, Antoine in French, Antanas in Lithuanian. His diminutive is usually Toni, Tony, Nino or Anto. The most common female variant is usually Antonia.

Famous people named Antony:

  • Antonio Machado-Ruiz

    • Spanish poet : He was born in Seville in 1875. He was known for being a modernist representative of the generation of ’98 of young writers, poets, and essayists in Spain. His work stands out for a certain romanticism and for his contemplative style.
  • Antonio Banderas

    • Spanish voice, producer, director and businessman: born in Malaga in 1960. He is an acclaimed Spanish artist who has participated in more than 50 film productions. Winner of the Festival Internacional de Cinde de Cannes Award, Goya Awards and Goya Award of Honor, Medal of the Circle of Cinematographic Writers, Feroz Awards, four times Fotogramas de Plata Awards, twice Sant Jordi Film Awards, European Film Award, twice Youth Awards, San Sebastián International Film Festival Award, Berlin International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Valladolid International Film Week and Murcia Spanish Film Week.
  • Antonio Lucius Vivaldi

    • Italian composer, violinist, professor and priest : also known as The Red Priest, he was born in Venice in 1678. His musical compositions that correspond to the baroque period are of great world importance. During his career he composed about 770 musical pieces, 400 concert compositions and 46 operas. His masterpiece is The Four Seasons , a composition for violin and orchestra.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Antonio:

They are usually honest, simple and hard-working people . For them the most important thing is tranquility and kindness. The strength of his spirit lies in his great will to act according to his principles and foundations. They are brave, sincere and stand out for their originality. Their mentality is usually rational, they are intelligent, bold and daring. They don’t wait for instructions, they prefer to embark on an adventure and do things their way. They find fun in the unknown and in everything that is out of the routine.