If you are expecting a baby at home, there will surely be many preparations that you should be thinking about. Toys, clothes, cribs, pacifiers, you may even be thinking about its future and, without a doubt, about the name it will bear. There are a wide variety of baby names and many options to choose from. It may be that some of them catch your attention more. Visit our post on original names or rare names to learn more details. In this opportunity we are going to explain the meaning of Caesar .

Etymology of the name Caesar:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Caesar is considered to be related to the ancient Latin word caesarius which refers to the word “ hair ”. Another known version suggests that the name Caesar is anciently related to one who was born through a caesarean section.. However, another of the most accepted versions refers to his appearance with the members of the gens Julia and the Caesar branch, as well as the arrival of the praetor Julius Caesar during the Second Punic War who would become a prominent Roman general and politician. Likewise, his successor, César Augusto, would make the name popular. His fame served for the name to begin to be used as a nickname and even synonymous with royal titles in Ancient Rome. Later it became a common name again during the Renaissance until the modern era, continuing its use. César is the variant of the name in Spanish, Asturian, Galician and Portuguese.


Cäsar in German, Zésar in Aragonese, Kesar in Armenian and Basque, Sezar in Azerbaijani, Cezar in Bosnian and Croatian, Cesare in Breton, Cèsar in Catalan, Caesar in Czech and Finnish, Cӕsar in Danish, Cezaro in Esperanto, Keisari in Georgian, Kaisaras in Greek, Cézár in Hungarian, Cesare in Italian, Shiza in Japanese, Caesar in English and Latin, Cezars in Latvian, Cezaras in Lithuanian, Cesariin Maltese, Cezar in Polish and Romanian, Cesari in Sicilian, Cesàreu in Valencian, Sezar in Turkish. The feminine variant of the name can be Cesariana or Cesarina.

Famous people named Caesar:

  • Cesar Milstein

    • Argentine chemist : born in Bahía Blanca in 1927. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1984 for his discoveries on monoclonal antibodies. At the age of 13, he was obsessed with biology books and related stories, which led him to study Chemical Sciences when he entered university to graduate. At the age of 29, he obtained a doctorate in Chemistry and dedicated himself to working at the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the University of Cambridge investigating the production of antibodies in the blood. He received the Konex Award and his work appears in documentaries.
  • Cesar Abraham Vallejo Mendoza

    • Peruvian poet and writer : he was born in Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad in 1982. He is considered one of the most important people in universal poetry in the 20th century and the most outstanding representative in Peruvian writing. He worked as a journalist which he complemented with translation and teaching jobs. He moved to Europe where he lived in Madrid and France for some time.
  • Cesar Felipe Millan Favela

    • Mexican canine trainer : popularly known as The Dog Whisperer, he was born in Culiacán in 1969. Since he was a child he felt an appreciation for pets and came to develop various skills that would later serve him for his entrepreneurship. He started a canine psychological and rehabilitation center, in addition to his television program where he shows his training with real cases. He has also written and co-authored books that help families.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Caesar:

They are usually persevering, enterprising people, with an innovative character in everything they do. They usually set goals that they easily achieve because they focus directly on their objective. They are not usually easily distracted, when they have something in mind they spend hours and hours planning, detecting failures and seeking maximum optimization. They also tend to love parties and social gatherings in which they become the center of attention. They maintain a good temper, they can be funny and very friendly , but when something bothers them they will let you know without hesitation.