A baby at home is a great joy for the whole family and certainly a lot of work to do. There are many preparations that you must make: baby clothes, room colors, toys and even ways of life and it is not always an easy task. Perhaps some topics that have crossed your mind, however there is nothing more important than the choice of a name. We want to accompany you by providing you with useful information, which is why in this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Catherine.

Etymology of the name Catherine:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that Catalina is a name that began for generations as a name of the nobility that means ” purity ” although it currently has different colloquial meanings . Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century Christian martyr with great recognition in Europe, is known. Catalina Benincasa or popularly known as Santa Catalina de Siena, co-patron saint of Europe and Italy and doctor of the church, also stands out. Catherine Vigri or Saint Catherine of Bologna was an Italian nun, mystic, and artist. Catalina de Erauso was a military nun from Spain. Mount Catherine also stands out, known for being the highest mountain in Egypt and the entire Sinai Peninsula. Catalina is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Katrina in Albanian, Katharina in German, Catuxa in Asturian, Katell in Breton, Ekaterina in Bulgarian and Slovenian, Caterina in Catalan, Katerina in Czech and Lithuanian, Katarina in Croatian, Katharina in Danish, Karin in Scandinavian, Katarína in Slovak, Katariina in Estonian, and in Finnish, Katarin or Katixa in Basque, Catherine in French, Catarina in Galician, Aikateríne in Greek, Katalinin Hungarian, Katherine or Katie in English, Caitríona or Catraoine in Irish, Katrín or Kattirin in Icelandic, Catarina in Italian, Catharina in Latin, Katriña in Latvian, Katrijn in Dutch, Katarzyna in Polish, Catia in Portuguese, Yekaterina or Katia in Russian , Catalìna in Sardinian, Kateryna in Ukrainian. Other popular variants are Karen, Katia, Kareli. A popular diminutive can be Katyor Katy. This name has no diminutives and no known male variant.

Famous people named Catherine:

  • Catalina Perez Jaramillo

    • Colombian soccer player : He was born in Bogotá in 1994. He plays in the goalkeeper position. He started in the sport at the age of eight while living in the United States. She is part of the Colombian soccer team and plays for Napoli Femminile in the Italy A team. He has played for the New England Muty team. Within the international list of winners, he has achieved merit in the 2019 Pan American Games participating for his country’s team.
  • Catherine Ruiz Perez

    • Spanish Physics : born in Valencia in 1957. His research focused on the analysis of molecular materials and the relationship between the properties of matter as well as its structure. He worked at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, at the Antonio González University Institute of Bio-Organics in Tenerife, at the University of La Laguna, among other institutes. She was vice-rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer at the ULL, where she also worked as a teacher directing the x-ray and molecular materials laboratory. He has won the Linus Pauling Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Hemilio Valdizán Medal of Honor, the Canary Islands Award for Research and Innovation, the Charter Award and a special mention from the Humboldt Foundation.
  • Catherine Antonia Gheorghitoaia

    • Romanian athlete : she was born in Bucharest in 1975. She competes in fencing in the saber modality. His talent has led him to win the silver medal at the World Championships in team saber, as well as a silver and bronze medal at the European Championships in team saber and individual saber, respectively. He has also participated in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Catherine:

They are usually brave, daring people, with a great impetus inside. They seek to create a good impression, they are elegant and they tend to like glamor. They can be risky when it comes to showing their bravery, however not when it comes to making decisions, they tend to be planners and meticulous. They tend to be very precise in their opinions, nothing usually gets out of hand. They are also loving, dedicated and seek to always keep the situation under control. The strategy is always in their favor and their opinions reveal the type of people they can be.