If you are expecting a baby at home, there will surely be many preparations that you should be thinking about. Toys, clothes, cribs, pacifiers, you may even be thinking about its future and, without a doubt, about the name it will bear. There are a wide variety of baby names and many options to choose from. It may be that some of them catch your attention more. Visit our post on original names or rare names to learn more details. In this opportunity we are going to explain the meaning of Cecilia .

Etymology of the name Cecilia:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Cecilia is considered to come from the Latin masculine variant Cecilius where Cӕcus means ” blind ” and -Illius or -Illa is the diminutive complement. Its popularity is ancient , during the Roman Republic the gens Cecilia was famous. Saint Cecilia of Africa and Saint Cecilia of Rome, martyred by Diocletian in the 3rd century and recognized as the patron saint of music, are known. Cecilia Helena Payne, an Anglo-American astronomer and astrophysicist who studied the composition of the stars, is known. Cecilia is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Cecilia in Italian and English, Cécile or Cécilie in French, Cäcilie in German, Cecília in Catalan, Cecía or Icía in Galician, Sidsel in Norwegian, Zezili or Koikille in Basque. The best known variant is Celia. The male versions can be Cecilio or Celio.

Famous people named Cecilia:

  • Cecilia Helena Martinez Mendoza

    • Venezuelan female announcer: She was born in Caracas in 1913. She is a radio and television icon of the 20th century, known for being the first female announcer in Venezuela and also for being the first woman to win a divorce lawsuit in her country. Her career in the media lasted more than seventy years in a row where she demonstrated her talent and originality, and also served as an inspiration to other women by encouraging female participation in the national media. She was awarded five Guaicaipuro de Oro, Meridiano de Oro, Mara de Oro and Ondas Awards.
  • Cecilia Margarita Baena Guzman

    • Former Colombian figure skater : also known as La Chechi Baena, she was born in Cartagena in 1986. She is known worldwide for being 17 times World Champion in track and road modalities, beginning to compete from an early age and marking a change in the history of Colombian skating. . Upon retiring, he created a skating school which he directs and dedicated himself to studying social communication and business administration at university.
  • Cecilia (Spanish singer-songwriter):

    • Her name is Evangelina Sobredo Galanes: she  was born in Madrid in 1948. She is known for her compositions of popular music that she performs in both English and Spanish. He learned to play guitar from a very young age, in the company of a nun, to participate in competitions until he entered the Faculty of Law at the university. However, he abandoned the race to dedicate himself fully to music until his last days.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Cecilia:

They are usually intelligent people, with a very good memory and ease of expression, although sometimes they can be seen as shy people who do not seek to be the center of attention. They go after their dreams and putting themselves before the world gives a feeling of admiration and an example to follow. They tend to set trends and impose ways without this being their main objective. The fame that follows them is a consequence of their originality. They are strong, brave, determined and have a highly developed intuition.