Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, although it may seem simple, you will already know what we mean. For this reason, we present the meaning of striking names that you can take into account if you are in that election process. We are going to explain the meaning of the name Daniel .

Etymology of the name Daniel:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Daniel was one of the prophets who wrote the last of the prophetic books of the Bible.. He also appears as one of the prominent authors in the Tanakh of the Jewish tradition. According to part of his biography, left in the scriptures, Daniel was taken to Babylon to serve King Nebuchadnezzar. From the prodigious ability to interpret the king’s dreams, Daniel won his favor and soon after appointed him governor and leader with certain qualities. Due to rivalries, Daniel fell into a supposed trap of his enemies and was accused before the king. He was sentenced to death by the new King Darius, who ordered him to be thrown into a well and devoured by lions. According to history, Daniel did not die and the beasts did not touch his body thanks to the will of God. At this signal, the king decided that those who should be in the well were the accusers. Daniel was also the son of Itamar, around the years 458 a. c.


Daniyyel in Hebrew, Daniyal in Arabic, Deniel in Breton, Danail in Bulgarian,  Danijel in Croatian and Slovenian, Taneli in Finnish, Deiniol in Welsh, Danieli in Gregorian, Dániel in Hungarian, Dainéal or Dónall in Irish, Daniele in Italian, Danieru in Japanese, Danielius in Lithuanian, Daniël in Dutch, Danial in Persian, Daniil in Russian, Danièli in Sardinian, Daniloin Serbian, Daniyel in Syriac, Danyal in Turkish, Danel in Basque. Their diminutives are usually Dan or Dani. Other frequent variants of the name are Otoniel or Nathaniel. The most common female variant is usually Daniela.

Famous people named Daniel:

  • Daniel Doroteo de los Santos Betancourt

    • Puerto Rican singer : known simply as Daniel Santos or “the restless anacobero”, he was born in Ocala in 1916. He is a great interpreter of musical genres, especially in his participation with the Sonora Matancera group. He also got to act in two movies. He was a friendly, energetic man full of unparalleled joy that allowed him to go after his dreams without rest.
  • Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

    • British Actor – Born in London in 1989. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows. The character that brought him to fame was playing Harry Potter. He has also shown his musical talent and has interests in film directing and screenwriting. He has donated a large portion of his earnings to charity. He is a very charismatic person, he is generous and very passionate about each of the projects he takes on.
  • Daniel JamesPlatzman

    • American musician – born in Atlanta in 1986. He studied music at academies specializing in soundtracks. He has become interested in guitar and percussion. He is currently the drummer for the rock band Imagine Dragons. He is an active, hard-working boy who is always looking for new projects that encourage his creative capacity.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Daniel:

They are usually charming people who have a great facility for communicating with others. They are smart, bold and have great artistic gifts. They can also be melancholic people, focused on their principles and who feel uncomfortable with spaces that they do not consider their own. They like to be with others, but they tend to give up social circumstances or friendships with whom they cannot empathize.