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Etymology of the name Dylan:

It is a name that comes from the Welsh dyllanw , in which dy means large and llanw designates a tide or flow . Hence, its main meaning is tide or large flow . This was the name of a god or hero in Welsh mythology associated with the sea . He was the son of Arianrhod who died by accident at the hands of his uncle Govannon. Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and American musician Bob Dylan can be counted among the famous bearers of this name.


Dillan, Dillon in English.

Famous people named Dylan

  • Dylan Thomas

    • Welsh poet and writer : born on October 27, 1914 in Wales, United Kingdom. He died on November 9, 1953 in New York, United States. Some of his most famous poems are Don’t Go Sweet Into That Good Night , along with And Death Shall Have No Dominion . He was a very popular poet for most of his life, although it was hard for him to live from what he wrote. He increased his income with reading tours and radio broadcasts. In the United States he increased his fame and came to record on vinyl discs some of his works such as A Christmas in Wales (a Christmas in Wales). To this day he is considered one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.
  • Dylan McDermott

    • American actor : born October 26, 1961. He is known for his performance as lawyer Bobby Donnell in the television series The Practise , with which he won a Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Television Series. His participation in four seasons of the horror series American Horror Story is also popular, in the seasons Murder House , Asylum, Apocalypse and 1984. He also participated in the TNT series Dark Blue , and in CBS shows Hostages and Stalker . In 2012 it won the San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Performance.
  • Dylan Brody

    • American Humorist and Comedian – Born April 24, 1964. He rose to fame when his play Mother May I won the Stanley Drama Award. He has also done one-man shows such as Thinking Allow and More Arts, Less Martial . On television, he participated in Comedy on the Road on the A&E’s network and on Comedy Express on Fox. He has also written monologues for comedian and presenter Jay Leno. He has also written novels for young people called A Tale of a Hero , The Song of her Sword , and The Warm Hello.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Dylan:

Men with this name have innovative ideas, as well as being talented and visionary. They tend to be attracted to the arts, especially the world of acting where this name is common in English-speaking countries. They are helpful and have a charismatic and engaging personality.