There are very old names that, due to their popularity, continue to be valid over time, other names are modern and respond to current contexts. The human denomination of reality and this characteristic of our intellect towards the world, wanting to give everything a name, is part of our evolution as a species. Communicating through words and having our own name is something that allows us to have an identity and relate to other people, in addition to the authenticity that each name gives us. There may be other people who have the same designation as each of us, but each person gives meaning to each name. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Elsa .

Etymology of the name Elsa:

According to anthroponymic studies, Elsa is considered to be a name that appears as a derivation of the name Elizabeth as a hypocoristic. Over time, the name was shortened until the Elsa version was taken as a very common modern name in some countries of Europe and America. Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer from the 1930s, is known. Elsa Morante was an Italian writer from the 20th century who wrote for children. Also Elsa Beata Wrede was an important Swedish botanist and writer. Elsa Neumann was a 20th-century German physicist who researched aviation-related topics. Elsa is also a fictional character from Disney movies. Elsa is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Elisheba in Biblical Hebrew, Liisu or Liisi in Icelandic, Elisabetta in Italian, Elisabed in Gregorian, Ealasaid in Scots, Ealisaid in Manx, Eilís or Eilish in Irish, Eliisabet or Liis in Estonian, Elise or Liese in Ukrainian, Ella or Eli in Danish , Eli or Liesa in Polish, Liesel or Liesl in Belarus, Else or Ilsain German, Lys in Frisian, Ellie or Elsie in English, Elixa in Basque, Elzè in Lithuanian, Erzsé in Croatian, Erzsi in Hungarian, Zsóka in Russian, Jela in Serbian, Betje or Elly in Polish, Elsje in Dutch, Els in Armenian, Macedonian Liesje , Swiss Ilse , Swedish Lise , Norwegian Lies , Romanian Lissi , Finnish Eliisa or Liisa ,Eliza in Portuguese, Babette or Élise in French. Other known variants of the name are Beth, Libby, Liliana, Lisa, Elisa, Liz, Lizzette, Lizzie, Isabel, Lilly, Lisette, Bettina, Lina, Eliana .

Famous people named Elsa:

  • Elsa Peretti

    • Italian jewelry designer, model, and philanthropist – born in Florence in 1940. Designing for Tiffany & Co, she has crafted iconic jewelry for generations and many of her creations have been part of the collections of museums such as the British Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston or the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Before starting with the design, she worked as a translator, then as a ski instructor and was a model for a few years. With his success he raised funds for the restoration of the town of San Martivell in Catalonia. He won the National Prize for Culture of Catalonia, JORGC Award, among others.
  • Elsa Punset Bannel

    • Spanish writer : she was born in London in 1964, although she grew up in Haiti, the United States and Madrid. He studied Philosophy and Letters at the University of Oxford, with a master’s degree in journalism at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Some of his works have reached bestseller with editions in several languages. She has stood out for literature in non-fiction genres and literature aimed at children, she is also director of the Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory where emotional intelligence workshops are held for all ages. From there, she ventured as a collaborator on several television programs.
  • Elsa Pataky

    • Spanish actress, journalist, producer and model : Also known as Elsa Lafuente Medianu, she was born in Madrid in 1976. She initially rose to fame acting in television series, which after her recognition on the screens, allowed her to act in international productions. He speaks five different languages ​​that give great versatility to his performance, with Spanish and Romanian being his mother tongues. He studied journalism at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, which he complemented with his studies in Dramatic Art. He has also written and published a book.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Elsa:

They are usually independent, adventurous, daring people with great courage that they show in each of their actions. They are serene, rational, focused and their lives are governed mainly by the affective. Every decision they make is geared towards the well-being of others, so they quickly stand out as leaders. With a holistic mindset, they tend to look at situations contemplating several possibilities to obtain the greatest possible efficiency in their projects.