Each name has a special meaning and without a doubt we want to give you all the information you should know about it. When you choose a name, its origin, its meaning and even those characters who have the name and have made history through time can be important. Please note that all names have a different etymology which may be of importance to you. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Eric .

Etymology of the name Eric:

According to anthroponymic studies , it is considered that the name Eric is a derivation of the old Norse Eiríkr where ei- is related to the word aina that means “eternity” so its meaning would be “eternal” or “perpetual”. On the other hand, -ríkris the proto-Norse name for “ruler” or “prince”. The popularity of the name is attributed to the Scandinavian form that was arriving in English lands after the Norman conquest, despite the fact that at first it was not a widely used name until the Middle Ages. Saint Erik IX, king of Sweden during the twelfth century, is known for spreading the Christian religion in the Nordic lands and is recognized as a saint, although not by the Catholic Church, who has not canonized him. Eric is also known, a fictional character from the story The Little Mermaid, who is a prince who falls in love with the protagonist. Eric is the variant of the name in English and German.


Eiríck in Old Norse, Eirik in Norwegian, Eiríkur in Icelandic, Eerik or Eero in Finnish, Éric in French, Erico or Enrico in Spanish, Èric in Catalan, Erick or Erickson in English, Erich in German, Érico in Portuguese, Erik in Slovak , Eric in Czech and Slovenian, Aric in Croatian, Erikas in Lithuanian, Ervk in Polish, Jerk in Swedish, Eriksenin Hungarian, Jerrik in Danish. His diminutive is usually Eri. The most common female variant is usually Erica or Erika.

Famous people named Eric:

  • Eric Clapton

    • English guitarist, composer and singer : also known as Slowhand , he was born in Ripley, Surrey in 1945. He is a skilled musician recognized on the international scene for his skill in playing the electric guitar in rock and blues compositions. He is considered one of the most respected guitarists, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him among the 100 greatest guitarists of all time and within the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and has also won the Silver Clef Award and the Grammy Award for artistic career.
  • Eric Allen Stonestreet

    • American actor : he was born in Kansas City in 1971. He studied Sociology at Kansas State University where he participated in plays. He moved to Chicago where he decided to study theater and began to participate in television commercials until he got his first role in a television series. He continued to participate in other famous series with episodic roles and landed a leading role in Modern Family for which he has won two Emmy Awards and four SAG Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category.
  • Eric Sheridan Prydz

    • Swedish DJ and music producer : Also known as Cirez D, he was born in Täby, Stockholm in 1976. He was named in DJ Magazzine’s list of top 100 DJs and in the German top-100. His compositions have occupied the first positions in countries like England and Germany for several consecutive weeks. He achieved fame after covering popular songs, including Pink Floyd classics, for this last single he won the Grammy Award for best non-classical remixed recording.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Eric:

People who bear this name are usually charming, empathic, sociable and very creative. They are not usually lovers of loneliness, they like to be permanently surrounded by people who can encourage them to act with the originality that characterizes them. They are challenging, enterprising and seek to innovate at all times. They may have an extroverted attitude that can sometimes be confronted by some melancholic thoughts that are intrinsic to their personality and way of seeing life.