Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, although it may seem simple, you will already know what we mean. For this reason, we present the meaning of striking names that you can take into account if you are in that election process. We are going to explain the meaning of the name Fabian .

Etymology of the name Fabian:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Fabian has its first indications with the renowned Pope Fabian around the year 200 AD. C. He was the 20th pope of the Catholic Church. The story goes that at the moment when the conclaves were meeting to choose the successor of Pope Antero, a dove appeared resting on the shoulder of Fabian, a lay farmer who was in Rome by chance and was a simple spectator of the celebration. The fact was taken as a clear divine sign and consequently he was appointed priest and bishop. Also the name Fabián is related to the Fabian Society, it was an English company of the 20th century.


Fabius in Latin, Fabian in German, Fabià in Catalan, Fabien in French, Fábián in Hungarian, Fabiano in Italian, Fabianos in Greek, Fabianek in Polish, Fabião or Fábio in Portuguese, Fabianus in Roman. One of the most popular female variants of the name Fabián is Fabiana or Fabiola.

Famous people named Fabian:

  • Fabian Johnson

    • American soccer player : He was born in 1987 in Germany, but became part of the American league, representing the country in the Soccer World Cup in 2014. He is a bright and alert person, who does not like to waste time on what he does not be profitable for your career.
  • Fabian C. Barrio

    • Spanish traveler and writer : he was born in 1973 in Santiago de la Compostela and is recognized for having traveled around the world on a motorcycle. He studied social psychology and later worked as a journalist, broadcaster and did dubbing work. After years of work, he gave up his traditional life and set out on a journey around the world. He is a brave, honest man and gives himself to all kinds of changes that fill his adventurous spirit with satisfaction.
  • Fabian Rios

    • Colombian model and actor: born in 1980 and has worked in more than seventeen television collaborations. He is a quiet man but he seeks success in the media that he considers relevant. He is not in a hurry and has coldly calculated what he wants to achieve.
  • Fabian O’Neil

    • Uruguayan former soccer player : He was born in 1973 and was recognized as The Magician. He played as a midfielder and had a well-known sports career. He is a detailed person and likes to concentrate on those details that he knows will lead him to great feats.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Fabian:

Generally, people who bear this name are applied and focused on their life goals. They are not usually people who speak out loud or in front of large audiences, but when they have a determination in mind, there is no one to change their minds. They are not usually very attached to others, they can spend time alone and enjoy it without inconvenience. They do not seek to receive or offer much affection either.