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Etymology of the name Fiorella:

It is a name derived from fiore in Italian which means flower , together with it which is a diminutive suffix. This gives it the meaning of flower , the one that looks like a flower , or the one that is a little flower .


Fleur in Dutch, Floella in English, Fleurette in French, Flora in German, Flóra in Hungarian, Florinda in Portuguese, Florina in Romanian and Fflur in Welsh.

Famous people named Fiorella:

  • Fiorella Bonicelli

    • Uruguayan tennis player : He was born on December 21, 1951 in Lima, Peru. But he grew up in Montevideo. He started playing tennis at the age of 11. He won the mixed doubles title at the French Open in 1975, which he won again the following year. In the Federation Cup, his singles record was 11-4 and his doubles record was 6-8. He reached a Grand Slam singles quarterfinal, at the 1978 French Open.
  • Fiorella Faltoiano

    • Spanish actress : She was born on October 19, 1949. She studied in the Nati Mistral theater company. His first film role was in the film Club de Solteros by Pedro Mario Herrero. He gained popularity on television in Hora Once, Teatro de Siempre and Estudio 1. His most prominent role was in 1977 in the José Luis Garci film Unfinished Business . He also worked with this director in Solos en la Madrugada in 1978 with José Sacrístán, and in Craddle Song in 1994. Other outstanding films of his career are La Colmena in 1982, After the Dream in 1992 and La Sal de la Vida in 1996. theater acted in La Extraña Pareja from 2001 to 2002,Agnes of God from 2007 to 2009 and in Galdosiana from 2009 to 2010.
  • Fiorella Mari

    • Italian actress : She was born on June 21, 1928 in Säo Paulo. She was born in Brazil to Italian parents as Fiorella Colpi. She moved to Rome in the 1950s. She began filmmaking under the surname of her then-husband Jess Maxwell, whom she immediately divorced. Later she adopted the name of Fiorella Mari. Then he participated in several plays, television and radio shows, and in numerous films. Among his roles stand out Are we men or corporals? of 1955 and in Fathers and sons of 1957. That year he organized the San Remo Music Festival, before retiring from show business.
  • Fiorella Terenzi

    • Italian astrophysicist : born in 1962 in Milan, Italy. She is renowned for taking recordings of radio waves in distant galaxies and turning them into music. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Milan, but lives in the United States. He studied opera and composition at the Verdi Conservatory. He also taught physics and astronomy at colleges and universities. He currently works full time at Florida International University in Miami. She was a pioneer in converting radio waves into music. Time magazine defined her as a combination of Carl Sagan and Madonna .

General characteristics of the most famous people named Fiorella

Happiness and empathy are virtues of women with this name. They leave the past behind, live with hope the future but concentrate on the present. They adapt easily to the changes that the different stages of life require, and they have an affable character with all the people around them.