Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, although it may seem simple, you will already know what we mean. For this reason, we present the meaning of striking names that you can take into account if you are in that election process. We are going to explain to you the meaning of the name Gabriel .

Etymology of the name Gabriel:

According to anthroponymic studies, Gabriel is considered to be a name of the works of the intertestamental period and refers to the archangel Gabriel, who is venerated in the Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Churches, as well as in general Christianity, Islam and Judaism. He is the one who carries God’s messages on different occasions. This archangel appeared to Mary to give the news of her pregnancy and to Zechariah in the New Testament. Gabriel is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Jibri or Djibril in Arabic, Biel in Catalan, Gabrieru in Japanese, Gabirel in Basque, Gabrieli in Gregorian, Gavriil in Greek and Romanian, Gávor in Hungarian, Gaibrial in Irish, Grabrielius in Lithuanian, Gavrik in Russian, Gavrilo in Serbian. The feminine variant of this name is Gabriela.

Famous people named Gabriel:

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    • Colombian writer, journalist and screenwriter : also known as Gabo, he was born in 1927. He is one of the greatest exponents of the magical realism genre and forerunner of the Latin American Boom movement. In 1982 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. He is a skilled man in everything he sets out to do and has a particular and ironic sense of humor. He tends to stand out quickly for his positions and does not take long to take positions.
  • Gabriel Jesus Iglesias

    • American comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer: also known as Fluffy, he was born in 1976 in California. He began his artistic career in bars, where he performed celebrity parody shows and the use of personal stories accompanied by beatboxing and special voices. His shows have sold out around the world and at events at Madison Square Garten and the Microsoft Theater. He is a charismatic, smiling, cordial man who always finds a diplomatic way to express his thoughts.
  • Gabriel Marcel

    • French playwright and philosopher : he was born in 1889 in Paris and for him the essence of reality in each individual was important, which is why his thought is considered personalism or Christian existentialism. He himself defined his philosophy as neo-Socratic. He won the Erasmus prize and the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. He was an accurate and honest man who tried to find, in a rational way, the answers to his many questions. He stood out for being highly analytical and with good capacity for expression.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Gabriel:

They are usually people of conflictive temperament and at the same time tempered. They have great communication skills and tend to express themselves firmly when they notice an injustice. It is clear that they usually create their own criteria according to their ideals. They have an elegant style and a haughty personality that stands out in every situation. They are intelligent, kind and dedicated to their family nucleus.