This is excellent news! If you have entered this page, it is surely because you are looking for attractive meanings of names. We congratulate you on the good news and present you with the best selections of name meanings so that you can make the right decision. Do not rush, you will have enough time to carry out your choice. In this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Hugo .

Etymology of the name Hugo:

According to anthroponymic studies the name Hugo is considered to be a name that comes from Old German , Hug being its first form. Saint Hugh of Grenoble or Hugh of Châteauneuf is known, an ecclesiastical canon, Bishop of Grenoble from the 11th century and a staunch supporter of the Gregorian reform. Another well-known character is Saint Hugo de Campaña or Saint Hugo de Rouen, a French archbishop of the 8th century. Hugo is the variant of the name in Spanish and Portuguese.


In most languages ​​the spelling of the name is preserved. Hug or Huguo in German, Hugr in Norse, Hugh or Hudson in English, Hudde in Medieval English, Hughie or Hewie in Swedish, Huey in Dutch, Huw or Pugh in Welsh, Shug in Scots, Ugo or Ughi in Italian, Hugues or Huguette in French, Uga in Basque, Jögvan in Faroese, Hugon in Polish,Gugo in Russian. His diminutive is usually Hugh or Huguito. The most common female variant is usually Hugolina.

Famous people named Hugo:

  • Hugo Pratt

    • Italian cartoonist – was born in Ravenna in 1927. His creations range from comic strips, illustrated books, and novels, as well as talk books and record covers. His work has also been mentioned in several documentaries. He has won awards such as the Saint Michel Prize and the Grand Prix of the City of Angoulême.
  • Hugo Philipp Jakob Wolf

    • Austrian composer : he was born in Windischgraz in 1860. Of Slovenian origin, he also lived a large part of his life in Vienna where he managed to compose a large part of his work. Its creation is influenced by the Wagnerian and Formalist aspects that were common at the time. He also published some anthologies of poems that gained recognition.
  • Hugo Kogan

    • Argentine industrial designer : he was born in Buenos Aires in 1934. He is known for being one of the most influential designers in South America and a great promoter of design in Argentina. Initially he dedicated himself to sculpture and studied architecture at the university without finishing his degree, although he was able to combine the knowledge acquired with his ingenuity to create new devices and tools of all kinds. He has received the Konex Award for the best industrial designer of the decade three times.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Hugo:

They are generally people with a logical mindset and rational thinking. They seek to have each of their movements planned to have control of situations. They act with intelligence and suspicion , nothing escapes them, everything is coldly calculated, the pros and cons are always weighed on every occasion. They do not like anything to take them by surprise, they prefer to anticipate the facts, they are calculators and perfectionists . Prevent rather than regret is his motto in life. They are good friends and very faithful.