!! Congratulations!! It is time to know the meaning of the name you have chosen for your baby. Sometimes this can be an exciting process for many people because there are a wide variety of names that can be an excellent choice. Do not stay behind if you are looking for a name with beautiful meaning. In this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Inés .

Etymology of the name Inés:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Inés is commonly used in the West and comes from the Greek, although other versions indicate Latin roots. It is a popular name since the Middle Ages , especially in religious characters in history. Agnes of Rome is known to have been a Roman virgin and martyr from 291 during the Diocletian persecution. Saint Agnes of Assisi, an Italian nun and abbess of the Poor Ladies, is also renowned. Agnes Tsao Kueiying, catechist, Chinese martyr and saint of the Catholic Church. Also known as Saint Agnes of Prague or Agnes of Bohemia, she was a Hungarian princess who decided to devote herself to religious life after the cancellation of her marriage to King Henry VII of the Romans. Inés is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Agnes in English, Agnete in Norwegian, Agnese in Italian, Agneta in Basque, Ainés in Aragonese, Agnès in French and Catalan, Inez in German, Agnieszka in Polish, Anezka in Czech, Agnesa in Slovak, Agniya in Russian, Ayvin in Greek , Ägnes in Hungarian. Another variant of the name can be Ynez. This name does not have a diminutive. This name does not have a masculine variant.

Famous people named Agnes:

  • Ines Melchor Huiza

    • Peruvian athlete : She was born in Acobambilla in 1986 and is an outstanding long-distance runner who holds the South American record in the marathon. She is also a South American and Pan American multi-champion in athletics. She has received 25 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals during her sports career and is currently considered the best Peruvian athlete. She is a persevering, active woman with a great focus on her dreams.
  • Ines Gaviria

    • Colombian singer -songwriter : She was born in 1979 and has had a well-known musical development. She was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2006 for her achievements in the music industry. He is a cheerful, reserved person who has a diplomatic way of communicating with other people.
  • Ines Lopez Sevilla

    • Nicaraguan model : She was born in Managua in 2000. She is known for obtaining the title of Miss Nicaragua 2019 and her participation in the beauty pageant with representation by her country in Miss Universe that same year. She is a smiling, haughty, charismatic girl at all times and very intelligent.
  • Ines de la Fressange

    • Model, fashion and perfume designer : she was born in Gassin in 1957. She started in the world of modeling at the age of 15. She participated in the French Elle magazine and in the Chanel firm that would take her to international recognition. She left modeling for a while to dedicate herself as a businesswoman to the launches of her products, but years later she returned to participate in the covers of magazines such as Vogue. She is an enterprising, bold woman with a good sense of humor.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Agnes:

They are usually altruistic, friendly, willing people who are always fully involved in an activity. They are not usually seen quiet or without occupations, for them it is important to be disciplined, careful and hardworking in what they are passionate about. They do not like to waste time on nonsense and are attracted to what is different or eccentric, even if they do not admit it at first. They are intelligent, insightful and know how to maintain a constant rhythm of energy to achieve all the purposes they set for themselves.