Why are you looking for the best name meanings! You do not need to go around the Internet anymore, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of the most popular, beautiful names with great meaning that we want to share with you on every occasion. We also have lists of Hebrew names, Spanish names or original names if you want to take a look for inspiration. Now we are going to explain to you the meaning of the name Jesus .

Etymology of the name Jesus:

According to anthroponymic studies, Jesus is considered to be a theophoric name that comes from the word Yehoshua of Aramaic origin. It is one of the most common names for its popularity in Western Christian culture and is also a biblical name. Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ is known , who was born in the province of Judea during the Roman Empire of the 1st century. He is one of the most influential people in history despite his death at an early age in charge of the public forces in charge of Pontius Pilate. Jesus appears in the Tanakh, in the Bible, and in the Septuagint canon. Jesus is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Jezu in Albanian, Yeshua in Aramaic, Yesu in Arabic, Iesu in Korean, Josu or Txus in Basque, Jeesus in Finnish, Íosa in Scottish Gaelic and Irish, Iesûs in Greek, Yeshua in Hebrew, Yeeshu in Hindi, Jesus or Jesse in English, Gesù in Italian, Jezus in Norwegian, Jozue in Polish, Jesus in Portuguese, Iisus in Romanian and Russian, Ísa in Turkish, Yoshkein yiddish The feminine variant of this name is Jesusa. Another common variant of the name is Joshua. This name has no diminutives.

Famous people named Jesus:

  • Jesus Abad Colorado

    • Colombian photojournalist : born in Medellín in 1967. He studied at the University of Antioquia and has dedicated himself to reporting on human rights in a context of armed conflict. He began working for the newspaper El Colombiano for nine years, while also seeking to exhibit his work in more than 30 exhibitions that he has currently achieved. He is also the author of several books on forced displacement and life in prison and is currently collaborating on a documentary. He has won the Simón Bolívar Prize for Journalism three times, the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for Journalism, the Caritas Prize in Switzerland, the CPJ International Press Freedom Awards from the Committee to Protect Journalists, and has been a candidate for the Pictet Prize.
  • Jesus Navas Gonzalez

    • Spanish footballer – Known as Jesús Navas, he was born in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Seville in 1985. He plays as a defender for Sevilla Fútbol Club and a sports complex in his city of birth is named after him. He began his sports career at the age of 15 and has been World Champion, he is the player with the most matches in the history of Sevilla Fútbol Club of the Spanish First Division as well as the Sevilla player who has received the most titles. He has also obtained the Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit.
  • Jesus Gonzalez Calleja

    • Spanish adventurer, mountaineer and presenter : he was born in Fresno de la Vega in 1965. From an early age he wanted to climb Mount Everest and his career began when he decided to make his dreams come true. He has reached the top of Mount Everest and twice the Seven Summits, considered one of the greatest challenges in mountaineering as it includes the highest mountains on every continent on the planet. He is also a plane and helicopter pilot. Presents and stars in two programs and some television channels. For his achievements he has received the Golden Microphone in 2010 and the Golden Antenna in 2019.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Jesus:

They are usually modest, kind, generous, gentle people who convey a certain sense of tranquility. They are not rude, indifferent or bad faith people, everything they do is done with innate generosity and gratitude. The modesty and simplicity of their personality is their great strength, which is why they quickly stand out from other people who tend to admire them. They know how to handle their emotions wisely, they are unstoppable dreamers, lovers of justice and manners. They go after their dreams and ideals no matter how much they have to risk to achieve it.