Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, although it may seem simple, you will already know what we mean. For this reason, we present the meaning of striking names that you can take into account if you are in that election process. We are going to explain to you the meaning of the name Karen .

Etymology of the name Karen:

Karen comes from the Greek Katharos . According to anthroponymic studies, Karen is considered to be a name whose history dates back to the linguistic background of Middle Iranian around the 4th century BC. C. until the 9th century AD. C. and the vicinity with the Middle Persian of the time, both languages ​​originating from derivations of the Aramaic script until reaching their forms of Greek adaptation. Over time, Karen became a very popular name in English-speaking countries and later in Spanish-speaking ones. Currently it is known that its popularity has been increasing in countries in Africa and Northeast Asia. Karen is a popular male name in Armenia and Russia. Karen is the variant of the name in English.


Catalina in Spanish, Katrina in Albanian, Katharina in German, Catuxa in Asturian, Kattel in Breton, Katerina in Czech and Croatian, Catherine in French, Karin in Scandinavian, Caitlin in Irish, Katarzyna in Polish, Katrijn in Dutch, Katia in Russian. The most frequent diminutive of Karen is Kay or Kat. Other known variants are Caren, Karena, Karin or Karyn. A masculine variant of the name is Garen.

Famous people named Karen:

  • Karen Lu Jean Nyberg

    • NASA Astronaut – Born in 1969 in the United States. Karen studied mechanical engineering and began her space career as a mission specialist in 1991 spending 180 days in space. He is a person with a lot of energy and drive to see his goals achieved on the plane of reality. He has a positive mindset and tends to make judgments rationally.
  • Karen O

    • Singer, songwriter and record producer : also known as Marshmellow, her full name is Karen Lee Orzolek, she was born in South Korea in 1978. She is the lead vocalist of the American alternative rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She is an enthusiastic, creative woman and maintains a constant rhythm of energy to achieve each of the goals that she has in her mind.
  • Karen Asrian

    • Armenian chess player : was born in 1980 in Yerevan. He was awarded the FIDE Grandmaster title and was a member of the gold medal-winning Armenian team at the 37th Chess Olympiad. He is a fearless, intelligent boy and does not usually make decisions without analyzing every detail that may affect his choice.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Karen:

In general, people who bear the name Karen tend to be risky and push themselves to take risks in order to live what they are passionate about. Sometimes they can take hostile attitudes if they feel surrounded by environments that are not familiar to them. They like to have everything under control and maintain a balance between responsibilities and adventure .