There are hundreds of names to choose from the lists that Mundo Elementary brings to you. Spanish names, Canarian names, Japanese names, Viking names, Egyptian names, original names, among many more to be found on our page. We bring complete compilations on the meanings, etymological study and origins of each name, as well as the evolution of its form and its use in different countries. We are going to explain the meaning of the name Lucas .

Etymology of the name Lucas:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Lucas is considered to be of Greco-Latin origin despite its closeness to the Christian tradition of Hebrew names.. The meaning of this name “brightness” or “glow” has been popularly accepted. Saint Luke, author of the Gospel of Saint Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, is known. Occupation doctor, painter, writer and iconographer, was born in the city of Antioch and was one of the apostles and disciple of Paul of Tarsus. Lucas Casali of Nicosia was an Italian abbot of the 9th century. Lucas Gregorio de Valdés was a Spanish Baroque painter and engraver. The acronym LUCA is also known, from biology, it refers to the “last universal common ancestor” that lived on Earth 4 billion years ago and is considered a type of unicellular organisms that evolved to give rise to living beings today. . Daffy Duck is a fictional character from Warner Bros. Lucas is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Lluc in Catalan, Luka in Basque, Luke in English, Luc in French, Luca in Italian, Lukas in German. His diminutive is usually Luc. The most common female variant is usually Lucia.

Famous people named Lucas:

  • Lucas Lucco

    • Brazilian singer, songwriter and actor : born in Patrocínio in 1991. Also known as Lucas Correa de Oliveira. Given her versatility and talent, she has occasionally worked as a model, as well as producing and directing her own music videos. He has also worked as a presenter and reporter for television programs. His passion for music began at the age of 10 when he learned to play the guitar and compose his first songs, by the age of 11 he was already performing at school festivals.
  • Lucas Ordonez Martin-Esperanza

    • Spanish motor racing driver : he was born in Madrid in 1985. He began his sports career competing in karting races for several years, which he abandoned to focus on his studies. Upon his return, he rose to fame after winning a professional competition for the PlayStation 3 video game Gran Turismo. It was with his team that won the Compa Intercontinental Le Mans, he was the winner of the GT Academy, the European Cup and participated in the World Championship of Endurance. He signed as an Official Nissan driver, among others.
  • Lucas Daniel Till

    • American actor and producer : he was born in Fort Hood, Texas in 1990. From an early age he showed a talent for acting, so his mother enrolled him in acting classes at the age of 11. He soon began participating in regional and local advertising and commercials until he was discovered by a talent scout while in high school. He has had several nominations and has been a winner of the Teen Choice Awards.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Lucas:

People who bear this name are usually creative, dreamy and with a great source of imagination that seems inexhaustible. They are characterized by having great communication skills and a tendency to positively influence other people. They like to be surrounded by cultural environments where they can learn from others and share their talents. He is sociable, generous and a lover of nature.