Each name has a special meaning and without a doubt we want to give you all the information you should know about it. When you choose a name, its origin, its meaning and even those characters who have the name and have made history through time can be important. Please note that all names have a different etymology which may be of importance to you. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Luis .

Etymology of the name Luis:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Luis comes from the word Hlodowig of the Low Frankish languages ​​where hlod- means ” famous ” or “illustrious” and from -wig which means ” combat ” or ” who goes to battle “.”. It was initially a popular name in the Frankish region thanks to Louis IX the Saint of France who was one of the 18 kings of France during the 13th century. The name quickly spread throughout the region of Europe during the years of the Middle Ages. Saint Luis Gonzaga is known, an Italian Jesuit religious who dedicated himself to studying religious texts through letters, science and philosophy of the time. He is considered the patron saint of youth. Luis is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Ludwig or Alois in German, Hlopwig in Anglo-Saxon, Lluis in Asturian, Avedis in Armenian, Loeiz in Breton, Lluís or Loís in Catalan, Ludvík in Czech, Lùyìsi in Chinese, Luj in Croatian, Lüìg in Emilian Romagnal, Ludovítt in Slovak, Ludvik in Slovenian, Ludoviko in Esperanto, Koldo or Koldobikaa in Basque, Louis or Loïc in French, Lluiso orUiso in Valencian, Lois in Galician, Kh l odvigi in Georgian, Ludovíkos in Greek, Lajos in Hungarian, Lewis or Louis in English, Alaois or Lughaidh in Irish, Loovík in Icelandic, Luigi or Alvise in Italian, Ruisu in Japanese, Ludovicus or Aloysius in Latin, Lujs in Latvian, Liudvikas in Lithuanian, Lodewijk in Dutch, Loís in Occitan, Ludwikin Polish, Luiz or Aluísio in Portuguese, Ludovic in Romanian, Liudovík in Russian, Ludvig in Swedish and Norwegian. The most common variant is usually Ludovico. The most common female variant is usually Luisa.

Famous people named Louis:

  • louis pasteur

    • French chemist, physicist, bacteriologist and mathematician : he was born in Dole in 1822. Among his investigations, the discovery of a technique to eliminate germs from matter by raising its temperature considerably for a short time stands out. This technique bears his name and is known as pasteurization. With it he developed the germ theory of infectious diseases, becoming a pioneer of modern microbiology and medicine. He also discovered tartaric acid dimorphism through mirror symmetry when he was 20 years old.
  • Louis Lara Ramos

    • Spanish comedian, journalist and broadcaster : also known as Luis de Pacote or Comandante Lara, he was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1976. From a young age he was intrepid and shrewd, born into a Flemish family. He has worked in radio locution where he imitated sports characters and also reports on history, he has made contributions as dubbing artists. He has maintained his fame in addition to his active participation in the program El show de. Commander Laura. He was appointed crier of the Carnival of Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Luis Cernuda Bidon

    • Spanish poet and literary critic : born in Seville in 1902. He is a famous literary artist who belonged to the Generation of 27 in Spain. He grew up in a rigid family environment fostered by a military education, however art was always the engine of his life. At the age of nine he began to be fascinated by poetry and to write some verses. He studied Law at the University of Seville and worked in a bookstore. After publishing his first book, he did not receive good reviews and this motivated him to continue writing until he achieved positive recognition in literary movements.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Luis:

Generally they are greedy , brave and very persistent people when they want something. They have a broad sense of humor and tend to take negative situations in a good way, although they can sometimes become intolerant by reacting with a certain aggressiveness. They usually have communication skills, however they find it difficult to express their feelings and take them to a plane of reality where they can manifest them socially. This makes them feel excluded and with a need to make themselves heard.