There are hundreds of names to choose from the lists that Mundo Elementary brings to you. Celtic names, Canarian names, biblical names, names of saints, Galician names, Basque names, among many more to be found on our page. We bring complete compilations on the meanings, etymological study and origins of each name, as well as the evolution of its form and its use in different countries. We are going to explain the meaning of the name Luna .

Etymology of the name Luna:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Luna comes from an ancient form documented in Latin louksna or leuksna  that share the same root with the words lux, lucis, lucere or lumen which means “light”, “bright”, “star” or “light” respectively. If the Indo-European root lseukós is taken into account, which translates “bright white”, its meaning tends to be the “luminous” or “the one that illuminates”.. He has a relationship with Selene, a Roman deity who represented the Moon. The hermitage of the Virgen de Luna was built in the 15th century and is located in the Santuario de la Jara in Córdoba, Spain. The Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Luna, a fictional character from the Sailor Moon series, is known. Luna Maximoff is a fictional minor character in Marvel Comics. Luna Lovegood is a character from the Harry Potter saga who belongs to Dumbledore’s Army. Luna is an opera by the Spanish musician José María Cano. Luna is the variant of the name in Spanish and Italian.


Mond in German, Tcherecá in Amharic, Al-qamar in Arabic, Boshun in Ashanti, Lluna in Catalan, Tal in Korean, Měsíc in Czech, Yue in Chinese, Mǎne in Danish, Iah in Egyptian, Mesiac in Slovak, Mesec in Slovenian, Tatkret in Eskimo, Kuu in Estonian and Finnish, Lune in French, Ileuad in Welsh, Mtvare in Georgian, Selene in Greek or Roman, Mahina in Hawaiian, Yerachin Hebrew, Maan in Dutch, Hold in Hungarian, Bulan in Indonesian, Moon in English, Gealach or Luan in Irish, Tungl in Icelandic, Tsuki in Japanese, Mëness in Latvian, Mėnulis in Lithuanian, Kueyen in Mapuche, Metztli in Nahuatl, Måne in Norwegian, Mah in Persian, Pe in Pygmy, Księzyc in Polish, Hina in Polynesian, Lua in Portuguese, Quilla in Quechua, Lunǎin Romanian, Gaus in Sanskrit, Mjesec in Serbian, Månen in Swedish, Mwezi in Swahili, Macha Alla in Tatar, Ay in Turkish, Ilargi or Ilargia in Basque, Levone in Yiddish. The most common variants of the name are usually Selene, Celene or Lunay.

Famous people named Luna:

  • Moon Miguel Santos

    • Spanish journalist, poet, editor and writer : she was born in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid in 1990. She began publishing writings at the age of 19. She worked for five years for PlayGround magazine   as a writer and editor, later she directed the publishing label Caballo de Troya and writes articles for media such as S Moda, El cultural. She has been the author of 7 books of poems. He currently lives in Barcelona and studied at the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Luna Fulgencio

    • Spanish actress : She was born in Madrid in 2011. She began her artistic career at the age of 5 when she participated in a television series and shortly after she landed a leading role in a series on Telecinco. She has currently participated in 6 film productions and nine television series as part of the main cast and recurring cast, being an actress recognized in the Spanish media at her young age.
  • Moon Baxter

    • Guatemalan actress, singer and theater teacher : her full name is María Luna Baxter Cardozo, she was born in Antigua Guatemala in 1992. From an artist family, she became interested in art from a very young age thanks to the cultural environment with which she was related. She was awarded a scholarship by the academic institute of art Atitlan Multicultural Academy where she participated in several musical works. He has worked in television, cinema, short films and music videos, mainly in Colombia and Brazil. She has won the India Catalina Award for Best Actress.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Luna:

People who bear this name usually have an originality in their personality that makes them stand out . They are dreamers, imaginative and recreate a fantasy world thanks to their creativity. They are generous, intelligent to the point of being brilliant. They don’t really care what they say, they quickly stand out in any social circle for their way of being and for the courage with which they face life. They are autonomous, daring and are true lovers of nature and adventures.