Although it seems like a simple task, choosing a baby’s name is not easy at all, since you have to do a lot of research to find one that is beautiful, elegant, has a good meaning and is also melodic. Abel is an excellent alternative, since it is a short biblical name, which is related to a noble personality and a big heart.

So that you know the meaning of the name Abel , in this babynamesforgirls article you will find all the information you need, such as his saint calendar, his numerology, the personality of the people who wear him and his popularity in Spain. Abel is a boy’s name .

What does Abel mean?

Abel is a name that means “ the breath of life ” or “the son born”. Due to its Hebrew etymology, it can also be translated as “the ephemeral.” It is one of the oldest anthroponyms in history and one that still has great validity.

Origin of the name Abel

Abel is a name of Hebrew origin . Formerly, it was pronounced as ” hāḇel” . It appears for the first time in the sacred scriptures as the name given to the second son of Adam, who, according to historical accounts, was killed by his older brother Cain who was very envious of him.

Diminutives and variations of the name Abel

The name Abel, being short, has few variations and diminutives. However, some of the best known are the following:

  • abi
  • Abiel
  • abelito
  • Abele
  • Abela
  • Skilled

The name Abel in other languages

Let’s know how to write Abel in other languages:

  • Arabic : هابيل
  • Chinese : 阿贝尔
  • Korean : 아벨
  • Esperanto : I speak
  • Estonian : Aabel
  • Greek : Άβελ
  • Hebrew : הבל
  • Japanese : アベル
  • Lithuanian : Abelis
  • Russian : Авель

Personality of the name Abel

Abel is a man of noble sentiments, charitable and who feels a lot of empathy for others. Also, he is determined and focused on his goals. Therefore, in the face of obstacles he will not give up easily.

At work, Abel is ambitious . Therefore, he will fight until he reaches important positions within the organization in which he works. Generally, he works very well in the area of ​​construction and engineering projects, although he may also like to be a journalist and chronicler.

In love, it is recurrent to see him in love frequently. However, when she finds the ideal partner, he will be a faithful and loving man who will be by her side for the rest of her life. In the family, he is a devoted son, so his parents and siblings come first for him. Also, he likes to enjoy the company of other family members and is willing to help financially and spiritually all those who need it.

With his friends he is a special person. Everyone sees in him a source of inspiration to achieve goals and to be a better person. Likewise, at parties and meetings, Abel is the favorite, since everyone enjoys his joy and enthusiasm to face life.

Celebrities with the name Abel

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Abel are:

  • Abel Mathías Hernández : He is a Uruguayan footballer who has played with his country’s national team, and currently plays for the Brazilian club SC International Brasileirão.
  • Abel Bonnard: was a French writer, poet and politician, member of the French Academy.
  • Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is a Canadian pop, hip hop, and disco singer who has won major music awards such as the Grammys and Juno Awards.
  • Abel Kirui : He is an athlete of Kenyan origin, who has won a gold medal at the 2009 World Cup and silver medals at the London Olympics in 2012.
  • Abel Antón Rodrigo : He is a former Spanish athlete and politician, who won world prizes in marathons and long-distance races.
  • Abel Ruiz Ortega : is a Spanish footballer who has played in the forward position in the FC Barcelona clubs and currently plays for Sporting Clube de Braga.

Saint Abel’s Day

July 30 is Abel’s birthday.

Numerology of the name Abel

Numerology assigns 6 as the lucky number to those named Abel.

Popularity of the first name Abel

Abel is a masculine proper name of Hebrew origin, which dates back to very ancient times. In fact, for those who study anthroponymy, this is one of the first names recorded in history and is related to the Genesis of the Holy Scriptures, since it was the name of the second son of Adam and Eve.

In ancient times this name was used a lot. Currently, it is very popular in almost all parts of the world.

According to the numbers of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are about 24,711 men who wear it, who have an average age of 32 to 33 years.

Similarly, the Spanish communities with the most people named Abel are the following:

  • Lugo
  • Asturias
  • Lion
  • Palencia
  • Soria
  • Badajoz
  • Huesca