Álvaro is a beautiful medieval name that recalls the great feats of warriors in that historical era. In addition, its meaning has to do with the man who is always alert to threats. For this reason, he is a charismatic, deep and full of history masculine name that will surely interest you.

So that you know everything about this legendary name, in this babynamesforgirls article you will find the meaning of the name Álvaro , its origin, the onomastic date, the numerology, the famous people who have used it and its popularity in Spain. You will see that when you know all the information that it involves, you will fall in love with this emblematic name for your baby. Álvaro is a boy’s name .

What does Alvaro mean?

The name Álvaro means “the cautious man” or “ the man who is on guard ”. It comes from the Nordic regions of Europe, where it was written as “Alvar”. This name characterizes brave, noble, good-hearted men who are always willing to help others.

origin of the name Alvaro

There are many theories about the origin of the name Álvaro. The most accepted is that his origin comes from the Nordic lands . According to historians, there it was pronounced as “Alvar” . This is a word that derives from the union of the words “hall” , which translates “rock or stone”, with “varor” which means “protector”. This resulted in the name Álvaro, which translates as “the protector of the lands”.

Other investigations locate its origin in the Germanic language, where the word “All” means “everything”, and the word “wars” is translated as cautious. The result is the derivation “Allwars” , which means “he who is cautious with everything”, and which would give rise to the Spanish variant Álvaro.

Diminutives and variations of the name Álvaro

These are some of the diminutives and variations of the name Álvaro:

  • To the
  • Alvarin
  • Alvarito
  • Álvarez (patronymic form used in Spain and in some American regions).

The name Álvaro in other languages

Next, you will see how the name Álvaro is written in other languages:

  • German : Albrecht
  • Arabic : آلبارو
  • Chinese : 阿尔瓦罗
  • French : Aubry
  • Greek : Αλβάρο
  • English : Avery
  • Hebrew : אלווארו
  • Hindi : अलवारो
  • Japanese : アルバロ
  • Norwegian : Halvard
  • Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Czech : Alvar
  • Russian : Альваро

Personality of the name Álvaro

Álvaro is a man who is used to challenges. He is very bold. Therefore, he always feels the need to compete in the activities that he proposes. True to the meaning of his name, Álvaro is very protective and vigilant so that things are done in the best way.

In Love enjoy the most of the good moments of intimacy. However, he is usually demanding and expects the maximum commitment from his partner in the same way.

In the family, Álvaro is very independent . You like to enjoy freedom in the early stages of life. However, by forming his own family, he will be a traditional father who will seek to always be in contact with his sons and daughters.

In the labor field, he is a rigorous worker , who will always try to achieve perfection in the activities he performs. In general, you tend to have your own business, since as an employee you will feel that you are not totally free.

When you meet Álvaro, he can seem somewhat serious and unreceptive. However, when people get closer to him, they realize that he is a kind being and that he is interested in the well-being of all those around him.

Celebrities named Alvaro

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Álvaro are:

  • Álvaro Cervantes : is a film and television actor born in Spain.
  • Álvaro Morata – is a Spanish football player who has the position of striker in Juventus FC
  • Álvaro Obregón : He was a fighter in the Mexican revolution and president of Mexico in the years 1920 – 1924.
  • Álvaro Soler : is a well-known Spanish singer and songwriter.
  • Álvaro Uribe : is a Colombian lawyer and politician, who held the presidency of Colombia and is currently a senator of that country.
  • Álvaro Negredo : He is a soccer player in the forward position for Valencia FC, born in Madrid, Spain.
  • Álvaro Fuentes : is the bassist of the Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh.
  • Álvaro Morte : is an actor of television series in Spain.
  • Álvaro Bautista : He is a professional motorcycling driver born in Spain, who currently competes with Honda of SBK.

Álvaro’s Saint’s Day

Álvaro’s birthday is February 19 . That day, homage is paid to Saint Álvaro de Córdoba, who was the founder of the devotion of the “via Dolorosa” in Spain. He died in the year 1430 and is buried in the Sanctuary of Santo Domingo de Escalaceli in Córdoba, Spain.

Numerology of the name Alvaro

According to numerology, 4 is the lucky number assigned to the name Álvaro.

Popularity of the first name Álvaro

Álvaro is a Castilian name that derives from the medieval name Alvar. It is a word well known throughout Europe and on the American continent. In some areas it is used as a surname in its Álvarez variant.

Nowadays, this name has a very good reception in Spain. In fact, according to information from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), there are some 162,574 men named Álvaro, with an average age of 23 years.

In the following graph, you can see the Spanish communities that have the largest number of people with this name:

  • Burgos
  • Valladolid
  • Madrid
  • Avila
  • Salamanca
  • Seville
  • Cadiz