Agustín is a masculine given name that contains a lot of strength of the Christian faith. Its meaning is “the majestic” or “the revered one”. This name was made known by Saint Augustine of Hippo. In addition, it has a certain connotation of a leader, since it was also a name used by the first Roman emperor Caesar Augustus.

If you want to know more about his history, in this babynamesforgirls article you will find the meaning of the name Agustín , as well as his birthday, the lucky number, the personality that surrounds it and the famous people who wear it. Agustín is a boy’s name .

What does Augustine mean?

The name Agustín comes from the Latin Augustus . He means ” the holy man ” or “he who is revered.” Also, he is related to Augustinus, so the translation “relating to Augustus” is assigned to him. However, the most widespread meaning of him is ” the majestic or revered man “.

It is a name with a lot of spirituality, which in medieval times belonged to many illustrious people.

origin of the name Augustine

Its origin is in the Latin Augustinu. This word later became Augustus , whose translation is “the majestic one”. It was a name used by the first Roman emperor in ancient Rome, to finally reach Castilian as Augustus and with its variant Agustín.

Diminutives and variations of the name Agustín

These are some of the best-known diminutives and variants for the name Agustín:

  • Agus
  • agustincito
  • agustinito
  • Gusti

The name Agustín in other languages

This is how the name Agustín is written in other languages:

  • Aragonese : Agostin
  • Bulgarian : Августин
  • Catalan : Agustí
  • Czech : Augustinus
  • Finnish : Augustinus
  • French : Augustine
  • Galician : Agostiño
  • Greek : Αὐγουστῖνος
  • Hebrew : אוגוסטינוס
  • Dutch : Augustinus, Augustijn
  • Hungarian : Ágoston
  • Japanese : アグスティン
  • English : Augustine, Austin
  • Italian : Agostino
  • Polish :Augustyn
  • Portuguese : Agostinho
  • Swedish : Augustinus
  • Russian : Augustin

Personality of the name Augustine

Agustín in a man with a broad vision to undertake great projects. He is idealistic and a dreamer . Therefore, he will not rest until all his purposes are achieved. Also, he is calm and has a relaxed temperament, which gives him the advantage of being able to solve problems in peace.

At work, he is efficient and very proactive in getting things done. In fact, he likes precision and attention to detail. This feature makes it highly valued by your organization.

In love, he is detailed and affectionate with his partner, although sometimes he becomes somewhat demanding. Therefore, you may have certain differences with your partner, but once you find the ideal person, you will be with them for life.

With his friends, he is a loyal and collaborative companion . Everyone sees in Agustín a key piece on which to lean, have fun and undertake new adventures. As a father, he is an exceptional being. That is why his children come first for him and he will always be by their side to teach and educate them at all stages of their lives.

Celebrities with the name Agustin

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Agustín are:

  • Agustín Cárdenas Alfonso : was a Cuban sculptor and painter, who promoted the currents of modern abstract sculpture.
  • Agustín Durán : was a Spanish writer and scholar, considered one of the founders of romanticism in Spain.
  • Agustín Jiménez : is a Spanish theater actor and comedian.
  • Agustín Lara : was a Mexican composer and singer of rancheras and boleros.
  • Agustín Casanova: is a Uruguayan television actor and singer, who belongs to the Uruguayan band Márama.
  • Agustín de Iturbide : he was a military man and politician, who became the first emperor of Mexico.
  • Agustín Codazzi : He was an artilleryman and veteran of the Napoleonic wars of Italian origin. He fought in the liberation of South America. Also, he was a geographer and cartographer in Venezuela and Colombia.

Saint Augustine’s Day

The Catholic saints celebrate August 28 as the date on which homage is paid to those named after Agustín. Saint Augustine of Hippo is commemorated on this date, who was a bishop, theologian, thinker and writer who fought against heresies in North Africa.

Numerology of the name Augustine

According to numerology 8 is the lucky number for the name Augustine.

Popularity of the first name Agustin

Agustín is a medieval name, which today is very popular in Spain, as well as in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. It is also a widely used name in Latin America.

According to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), only in Spain, there are currently some 61,253 men who have it by first name, whose ages are around 57 years old.

The Spanish communities in which the name of Agustín is used the most are the following:

  • Lion
  • Zamora
  • Salamanca
  • Caceres
  • Badajoz
  • Real city
  • Albacete