Among the things that must be planned to expect the future baby, choosing the name is perhaps one of the most exciting activities. If the ultrasound revealed that a baby is on the way and you want to give her a short, elegant and meaningful name, Elisa is the perfect option. This name of Hebrew origin is full of history and is related to patient, kind and charming women.

In this babynamesforgirls article, we will tell you the meaning of the name Elisa , as well as her saints, the lucky number, the celebrities who bear this beautiful name and even her popularity in Spain. We know that knowing all the information related to the name Elisa, you will surely choose it for your baby. Elise is a girl’s name .

What does Eliza mean?

The name Elisa means ” the one who carries the promise of God ” or “the one who is helped by God”. Ella is a very old name, which first appears in Greek mythology as the nickname of the Greek goddess Dido, who was the queen of Carthage. Elisa is also short for Elizabeth. However, other researchers consider it as an independent name.

Similarly, it is a name that has been a source of inspiration for great artistic works, such as the piano piece “For Elisa” by Ludwig van Beethoven, due to its sobriety, beauty and serenity.

Origin of the name Elizabeth

Elisa is a name of Hebrew origin . It is derived from the root “Elisheba”, which translates as “the help that God gives” or “the one who is helped by God”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Elisa

Some of the variants and diminutives of the name Elisa are the following:

  • Eliska
  • elise
  • else
  • illse
  • Elizabeth
  • liese
  • Elise
  • Elizabeth
  • Heloise
  • Eloise
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • The A
  • Eli

The name Elisa in other languages

This is how the name Elisa is written in some languages:

  • English: Elizabeth.
  • Czech: Eliska.
  • French: Elise.
  • German: Else or Ilse.
  • Italian: Elisa or Elisabetta.
  • Russian: Ekisif or Lizanka.

Personality of the name Elisa

Elisa is a woman full of energy, charm and sweetness. She has a pleasant personality , which makes her the center of attention wherever she arrives. She likes to earn the respect of others. For this reason, he will not hesitate to make an effort so that what he sets out to do comes out perfectly.

At work, she is often a born leader , to whom her peers listen carefully or look to her for good advice. In fact, it will always be a priority for her to work in an atmosphere of harmony and camaraderie. It is usual for Elisa to climb to managerial and leadership positions within organizations. Likewise, she is endowed with great patience and a lot of sensitivity to help those who need it.

As a friend, she is trustworthy, loyal, and sincere . She knows how to keep a secret very well, so trust is a point of honor for Elisa. On the other hand she is adventurous and restless. She can never be without doing anything. This makes her participate in many activities at the same time, so her creativity will always be on the surface.

In love, Elisa is emotional, romantic and consistent. He doesn’t like temporary relationships. Therefore, he chooses very well who he will give his heart to. When Elisa starts her own family, she will be a devoted mother, dedicated to instilling values ​​and a good education in her children.

Celebrities with the name Eliza

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Elisa are:

  • Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter – Also known as Eliza Taylor. She is a famous actress of Australian origin.
  • Elisa Vegas : a young Venezuelan clarinettist who has been the director of several symphony orchestras.
  • Elisa Lerner Nagler : narrator, writer and playwright of Jewish origin.
  • Elisa Palomino : famous fashion designer of Valencian origin.
  • Elisa Mouliaá : actress and presenter of television, cinema and theater, born in Madrid, Spain.

Saint Elisa’s Day

The catholic saints give two dates for the name Elisa. The first is on December 5 , for Santa Elisa virgin, and the second is on July 20 in honor of Santa Elisa Abbess.

Numerology Of The Name Elizabeth

According to numerology, 2 is the lucky digit assigned to Elisa’s name.

Popularity of the first name Elizabeth

Elisa is an old name that is very popular in some communities in Spain. Also, in Italy and the United Kingdom it is widely used, especially in its Elizabeth variant. In addition, in Latin America it is a name that enjoys a lot of acceptance.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain alone there are some 36,182 women with an average age of 49 years who are called Elisa.

Likewise, the communities in which there are the largest number of people named Elisa are the following:

  • Pontevedra
  • Ourense
  • Zamora
  • Valladolid
  • Segovia
  • Lion
  • Teruel