Felicitas is a name that enjoys a certain popularity in Spain. However, in Latin America, especially in Argentina, it is a very common name. This name derives from Felicia and can also be found very often as its variant Felicita or Feliciana. If you want your girl to have a radiant name that evokes grace and elegance, this alternative is the most suitable.

So that you finish deciding on this option to name your little girl, in this babynamesforgirls article you will find the meaning of the name Felicitas , as well as its personality, saints, numerology, variants and even the popularity it has throughout Spain.

What does congratulations mean

The name Felicitas is associated with happiness and good luck. Its most widespread meaning is ” the one who is happy ” or “the one who is full of luck”. It was a word widely used during the Roman Empire and represented the desire to give bliss, happiness and gratitude to women. In addition, this name was borne by the Roman goddess Felicitas, which is why it became popular in all corners of Italy.

Origin of the name Felicia

Felicitas is a name of Latin origin , which was carried by the goddess of Roman mythology “Felicitas”. She represented happiness, prosperity and abundance. In addition, she was personified on the coins that were used in that ancient time.

Diminutives and variations of the name Felicitas

Some of the diminutives and variations for Felicitas would be the following:

  • Felicia
  • Happiness
  • Feliciana
  • congratulate
  • happy
  • Felita

The name Felicitas in other languages

The name Felicitas is spelled the same in most Western languages. However, we will show you how it is written in other more distant languages:

  • Arabic : فيليسيتاس
  • Chinese : 费利西塔斯
  • Korean : 펠리시 타스
  • Hebrew : פליסיטס
  • Hindi : फ़ेलिशिया
  • Greek : Φελίσια
  • Japanese : フェリシアス
  • Russian : Фелиситас

Personality of the name Felicitas

Felicitas is a shy and reserved woman , who finds it hard to show her feelings. This contrasts very well with a very cheerful, creative, ambitious and intuitive spirit and personality, which makes her interesting and mysterious at the same time.

In love, she is demanding with her partner. In fact, he pays attention to details very well and always expects reciprocity in terms of affections and feelings. In addition, she usually takes her sentimental relationship very seriously and is not willing to forgive infidelities or serious breaches of her trust.

At work, he is tireless . She also doesn’t like being tied to a specific schedule, but she has no problem working overtime as long as she’s passionate about what she does. Added to this, Felicitas’ favorite professional careers are not the most popular. In fact, research areas in the field of humanities is what she likes the most.

In her family, she is valued by all its members. For this reason, she is frequently asked for her support, since she has a conciliatory and mediating character . Felicitas hopes that everyone gets along and she is attentive to any need of her parents, siblings and uncles. However, she is not very sociable and likes to enjoy the solitude of her space.

As a mother, she is very dedicated to the care and education of her children. They are the essence and the main thing in her life, so she will always be willing to fight to see them grow prosperous and happy. Also, no matter how far they are from home, Felicitas will be aware and in contact with each of her children at all times.

Celebrities named Felicitas

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Felicitas are:

  • Felicitas Guerrero : She was a lady of Argentine high society, considered the most beautiful woman of her time, and who was mysteriously murdered.
  • Felicia Day : is an actress and influencer on the American web.
  • Felicia Mercado : She is a Mexican telenovela actress and television presenter.
  • Feliciana Enríquez de Guzmán : was a Spanish writer, playwright and poet, born in Seville.

Congratulations Saint’s Day

The onomastic date of Felicitas is March 7 , the day on which homage is paid to Saint Felicitas, who was a Roman martyr, flogged and executed for her faith in the year 165 AD.

Numerology of the name Felicia

According to numerology, 2 is the lucky digit associated with Felicitas.

Popularity of the first name Felicia

Felicitas is a name that comes from Italy, a country where it is very popular. However, in other countries such as Spain and Portugal it is not so common. Now, in some places in Latin America, such as Argentina or Uruguay, this name is used very frequently.

According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are currently some 3,838 women who bear it by name, with an average age of 74 years. As we can see, it has lost validity in recent decades.

On the map below, you can see which communities have the highest number of women named Felicitas:

  • Lugo
  • Lion
  • Zamora
  • Segovia
  • Soria
  • Burgos