Frida is a female name of Germanic origin that represents the strength, beauty and kindness of women. This name was very popular in ancient times and, recently, it is gaining currency again, since it is characterized by being a sweet, melodic and very elegant vocative.

In this babynamesforgirls article, you will find the meaning of the name Frida . In addition, you will see when his saint calendar is, the lucky number that is associated with him, his personality and the famous ones who bear this emblematic name. With all the information that we will give you, it is most likely that you will choose this beautiful name to name your baby. Frida is a girl’s name .

What does Frida mean?

The name Frida has several related meanings. Among them, we can say that it translates as “the beautiful princess” or ” the promoter of peace “. In both cases the name Frida is associated with harmony, beauty and seduction.

Origin of the name Frida

Frida is an ancient name that originated from the Germanic peoples during the times of the Roman empire. Its most widespread meaning is “beautiful”, “peace” and “princess”, since it derives from the word ” frithu ” which keeps those associated meanings.

However, other researchers claim that its origin comes from the female variation of the German name Fred.

Diminutives and variations of the name Frida

Here are some of the diminutives and variations of the name Frida:

  • Freda
  • Friede
  • frieda
  • Fridita
  • Fridi
  • Fryda
  • frideline

The name Frida in other languages

In most countries with languages ​​of Latin and Anglo-Saxon roots, Frida’s name is spelled the same. However, in other languages ​​it is written with a different spelling, which we will show you below:

  • Arabic : فريدا
  • Chinese : 弗里达
  • Korean : 프리다
  • Greek : Φρίντα
  • Hebrew : פרידה
  • Hindi :फ्रीडा
  • Japanese :フリーダ
  • Russian :Фрида

Personality of the name Frida

Frida is a woman with an interesting and mysterious personality . He has excellent artistic and sporting qualities, which is why he stands out in almost everything he participates in. She is a creative woman with a strong dominant character, to such an extent that the more people relate to Frida, the more they never get to know her completely.

In love, she is seductive, romantic and passionate . However, his relationships are dizzying, because he changes his mood from one moment to another. This feature makes her unpredictable and enigmatic.

At work she is obsessive . In fact, when she is passionate about what she does, she gives herself completely. So much so, that she doesn’t measure the time to get fully involved in any project that she likes. In addition, she always expects from others the same commitment and dedication in her work.

With her friends, Frida is the center of attraction . Her anecdotes, tales and stories will be the order of the day to pleasantly entertain everyone around her. In the family sphere, she is close to all its members. She feels special affection for her siblings, so she takes care of them and protects them as if they were still children. However, Frida is not in a hurry to become a mother, but when the time comes, she will put all her attention on the education and love that her children require to turn them into people full of values ​​and education.

Famous with the name Frida

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Frida are:

  • Frida Khalo : She was a famous plastic artist born in Mexico
  • Frida Gustavsson is a Swedish model, fashion designer, film and television actress, known for participating in the series Vikings Valhala.
  • Frida Wallberg : She is a boxing athlete born in Sweden.
  • Frida Boccara : She was a singer who won several television awards, born in Morocco and nationalized in France.
  • Frida Hansdotter : She is a highly competitive skier, who was born in Sweden.
  • Frida Tsai : She is a Taiwanese-born politician.
  • Frida Uhl – She was a writer and translator of many literary works. He is of Austrian origin.
  • Frida Sandén : She is a singer of Swedish origin.

Saint Frida’s Day

The saints define July 18 as the onomastic date for the name Frida.

Numerology of the name Frida

7 is the lucky number associated with Frida’s name. The dominant, independent and seductive character is also related to this digit.

Popularity of the first name Frida

Although it has an ancient origin, the name Frida is not very popular in Spanish-speaking nations. In fact, it is better known in countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain only about 479 women named Frida can be counted with an average age of 17 years. Analyzing these data, most of them are young in high school or starting college.

Also, if you see the map that is attached below, you will see that the only Spanish region that has women named Frida is the Balearic Islands.