Is your baby’s arrival approaching and you want a short name with a nice melody? Lucas may catch your attention, as he already has a Greco-Latin origin and is closely associated with the Christian faith. In addition, its meaning is very interesting, since it is translated as “the man who is enlightened” and characterizes men with great moral integrity.

If you want to know in depth the meaning of the name Lucas , keep reading, because in this babynamesforgirls article you will find its origin, birthday, personality, lucky number, you will know the celebrities who bear this name and what is the popularity of the Name. Lucas is a boy’s name .

what does luke mean

The name Lucas means ” the man who is enlightened “, “the man who shines” or also “he who illuminates and shines”. It is a vocative that characterizes men with great moral integrity, who are faithful to their ideas and who have big dreams.

Origin of the name Luke

The name Lucas comes from the Greco-Latin , specifically, from the word Lucius , which translates as “enlightened” or “shining”. However, other historians affirm that Lucas has its origin in the Hebrew language and that it means “the man the tornadoes”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Lucas

Lucas is a name that has different variants and diminutives. Among the most used are the following:

  • Luc
  • Luca
  • Luke
  • Lukita
  • Luke
  • Luke
  • Luka

The name Lucas in other languages

This is how the name Lucas is written in other languages:

  • Basque : Luka
  • German and Swedish : Lukas
  • French : Luc
  • Greek : Λουκάς
  • Hungarian : Lukács
  • English : Luke
  • Polish : Łukasz
  • Catalan : Lluc
  • Italian : Lucas
  • Czech : Lukáš
  • Russian : Лука

Personality of the name Lucas

Lucas is a simple man who doesn’t like complications. Always apply logic to resolve conflicts and difficulties. In addition, he is a sincere and very direct person to express what he really thinks, but he will always look for the right words so as not to hurt anyone.

In the Lucas family he is calm, collected and balanced . This attitude makes all the members of his family see in him a trustworthy person to whom they can turn for wise advice.

In the workplace, Lucas is a creative, intelligent person with a strong desire to improve. This makes him a valuable person within any organization. Added to that, he is punctual in attendance at work, and will rarely be seen absent.

On the love plane, he is a man who likes stable and lasting relationships. But before finding the ideal partner, they usually study their environment very well. Therefore, as soon as he sees a good opportunity, he will not let it pass. Also, he is passionate and romantic , which will provide all the strategies to keep the relationship alive.

As a father he is loving and protective. She likes to travel with her children and has no qualms when it comes to indulging them in all their tastes. Only, sometimes, such a relaxed attitude is not very prudent and ends up causing some distortions in the formation and habits of the little ones.

Celebrities with the name Lucas

The most well-known celebrities bearing the name of Lucas are:

  • Lucas Stephen Grabeel is an American singer, dancer, and actor on Disney television series.
  • Lucas Cranach: called “the old man”, he was a German artist, painter and designer of woodcut prints.
  • Lucas Vázquez: is a Spanish footballer who plays as a striker for Real Madrid FC.
  • Lucas Silva: He is a professional soccer player for Tottenham Hotspur in England.
  • George Lucas: is an American director and screenwriter, creator of the famous “ Star Wars ” saga .
  • Lucas González: Spanish singer, belonging to the group Andy & Lucas.
  • Luke Perry: is an American actor, famous in television series such as Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Robert Lucas: is an economist and professor born in the United States, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.
  • Lucas Lucco : he is a television actor who is also a composer and singer. He is of Brazilian origin.

Saint Luke’s Day

Lucas Day is October 18 . On that date, Saint Luke the Evangelist is honored, who was the doctor and disciple of Paul of Tarsus on his pilgrimage through Egypt. In addition, he was the author of the Third Gospel and the book of Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament.

Numerology Of The Name Luke

Numerology assigns 2 as the lucky number for Lucas.

Popularity of the first name Lucas

Lucas’s name is well known throughout Europe and America. It is a vocative with many years of antiquity, but today it continues to be a trend among young people.

Only in Spain there are about 52,248 men with an average age of 14 years who have it by name. According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the Spanish communities with the highest number of men named Lucas are the following:

  • Cantabria
  • Asturias
  • A Coruna
  • Pontevedra
  • Ourense
  • Madrid
  • Toledo