If you already know that a child is on the way and you are looking for a name with a good sound and that evokes Roman deities, Mario is an alternative that will surely interest you. It is a name related to the God of War. For this reason, it is associated with men with an enthusiastic spirit, who fight and help others.

If you want to know even more about the meaning of the name Mario , in this babynamesforgirls article you will have all the information regarding its origin, diminutives, personality, birthday, celebrities who bear it and the popularity of the name. Mario is a boy’s name .

what does mario mean

Mario is a name that is related to the Roman deity “Mars”, who was the God of war, fights and battles. Because of this, one of the meanings of him is ” the man related to Mars “. Other investigations affirm that it comes from the masculine derivation of the Hebrew name Maria, therefore, it would mean “the one chosen by God”.

The truth is that it is a name that has been very popular over time and that today is widely used in different parts of the world.

Origin of the name Mario

The name Mario has its origin in Latin . In ancient times, the Etruscan peoples used the name “Maris” to refer to the Roman god of war “Mars”. Also, we can say that it has its origins in the Hebrew language, since the name “Maria” derived in the masculine variant of Mario.

Diminutives and variations of the name Mario

Now, let’s look at some of the variations and diminutives of the name Mario:

  • Marian
  • Mary
  • Mariana
  • aaro
  • Aaron
  • aronne

The name Mario in other languages

This is how the name Mario is written in some languages:

  • Arabic : ماريو
  • German , French and English : Marius
  • Greek : Μάριο
  • Hebrew: מריו
  • Japanese : マリオ
  • Portuguese : Mario
  • Russian : Марио

Personality of the name Mario

Mario is a man who defends his own. As the name indicates, it is associated with the God of war and fighting. Therefore, he will not rest until he achieves his goals. On the other hand, he has a calm temperament and usually faces difficulties with serenity and wisdom.

As a friend, he is an excellent person. In fact, he has simplicity in his actions and is very warm when he addresses others. These qualities make him a highly valued member of his circle of friends.

In labor matters, Mario is a worker who learns quickly from mistakes. He does not get stuck or daunted by problems, and he always takes on new projects as a challenge, in which he wants to be willing to improve himself more and more.

In love he is very helpful, generous and loving . This means that at all times pay attention to the smallest details. In addition, he likes to shower his partner with attention.

In the family he is a special being. He is always aware of the health and well-being of his parents, siblings and other relatives, even if he is far from home. For his children, Mario will be a reference of honesty, perseverance and good manners.

Celebrities with the name Mario

The best-known celebrities named after Mario are:

  • Mario Casas: is a film and television actor of Spanish origin.
  • Mario Moreno : He was a Mexican film actor and comedian, popularly known as “Cantinflas”.
  • Cayo Mario He was a Roman politician and military man, who was known as the third founder of Rome.
  • Mario Vargas Llosa : he is a famous writer born in Peru and also with Spanish nationality. He is considered one of the most important writers of Latin American literature. Winner of literature prizes such as the Nobel, Cervantes and Rómulo Gallegos.
  • Mario Bunge: was a Canadian nationalized Argentine philosopher, physicist, epistemologist, scientist and critic.
  • Mario Bendetti: was a Uruguayan writer born in 1920. Among his works are mainly stories and poetry.
  • Mario Mendoza: is a Colombian writer, journalist and teacher.
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio: is Pope Francis, the highest leader of the Catholic Church. In addition, he is the first Pope who is not of European origin, but rather has an Argentine origin.

Mario’s Saint’s Day

The Catholic saints commemorate January 19 as the name day of Mario. On this date, homage is paid to San Mario, who was a Persian martyr assassinated in Rome in the fourth century.

Numerology of the name Mario

The number 4 is the lucky digit assigned to Mario’s name.

Popularity of the first name Mario

Mario is a Latin name that dates back to the times of ancient Rome. Currently, it is still in force more than ever in countries like Spain, Italy and throughout Latin America.

Currently, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are around 105,673 men with the name Mario, who have an average age of 25 years.

Likewise, the communities in which there is a greater number of people named Mario are the following:

  • Cantabria
  • Palencia
  • Burgos
  • Valladolid
  • Salamanca
  • Toledo
  • Segovia