Is it not long until your little girl is born and you still don’t know what to name her? If among your options you have considered the name Maritza, congratulations! You have made an excellent choice, since it is a name of Latin origin that is related to the beauty and majesty of the sea. In addition, it has to do with the grace, patience and sweetness of women.

So that you finish knowing all the information related to this anthroponym, in this babynamesforgirls article, we will tell you in detail the meaning of the name Maritza . Specifically, we will talk about his saints, numerology, his origin, his personality traits and even the famous ones who bear this beautiful name. Maritza is a girl’s name .

What does Maritza mean?

The name Maritza has several associated meanings. However, the most widespread are ” the one that is beautiful like the sea ” and “the sunrise at sea”. In any case, it is a name associated with feminine beauty. In addition, it is a name that enjoys a certain popularity in Spanish-speaking countries.

Origin of the name Maritza

Maritza is a name of Latin origin that translates “the beautiful woman like the sea” or “the woman who navigates in the immensity of the sea”. Another of the theories about its origin is that it comes from the contraction between the names María and Luisa, but this has no records or verifiable foundation.

Diminutives and variations of the name Maritza

Some variants and diminutives of the name Maritza are the following:

  • Marisa
  • Marizza
  • Mara
  • may
  • Mariz
  • Marit
  • maritzita

The name Maritza in other languages

Maritza is spelled and pronounced the same in most languages ​​spoken in Europe and America. However, we will show you how it is written in other more distant languages:

  • Arabic : ماريتزا
  • Chinese : 玛丽扎
  • Korean : 마리차
  • Greek : Μαρίτσα
  • Hebrew : מריצה
  • Hindi : मैरिट्ज़ा
  • Japanese : マリツァ
  • Russian : Марица

Personality of the name Maritza

Maritza has a reserved, shy and analytical personality . However, she has a lot of sincerity and frankness to say what she thinks. In addition, she is cheerful and fun, a characteristic that everyone around her loves.

In love, Maritza is a woman who quickly attracts the opposite sex. In fact, her beauty and the spontaneity in her way of being, makes men not go unnoticed. Also, she is affectionate and loving with her partner and will do everything possible to keep her better half always by her side.

At work, she is consistent and somewhat stubborn in her work. For this reason, he will not rest until he sees the fruit of his effort come true. The good thing about this quality is that it will always be highly valued by the leaders of the organization where you work.

In the family, she is collaborative and attentive to her parents and siblings. She is always willing to help them and she will be aware of each one of them, even in the most insignificant details. With her friends, Maritza is very loved and appreciated by all who know her. Likewise, her charisma and her noble spirit make her a very important member in her circle of friends and acquaintances.

Celebrities with the name Maritza

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Maritza are:

  • Maritza Correia : She is a swimmer born in Puesto Rico and of American nationality, world champion in the freestyle discipline in 2001.
  • Maritza Sayalero : She is a Venezuelan model, winner of the Miss Universe contest in 1978, becoming the first crown of the many that Venezuela has obtained in this important beauty contest.
  • Maritza Morilla : She is a Mexican painter and artist of contemporary art, a participant in many events and exhibitions worldwide.
  • Maritza Rodríguez : She is a television presenter and businesswoman born in Colombia.
  • Maritza Bustamante : She is a model and television actress from Venezuela.
  • Maritza Olivares : She is a Mexican television and film actress.

Saint Maritza’s Day

The saints celebrate August 15 as the day of Santa Maritza.

Numerology Of The Name Maritza

Numerology assigns 2 as the lucky number for Maritza. Also, its dominant planet is Neptune and its color is green.

Popularity of the first name Maritza

Maritza is a relatively new name, which is currently gaining some popularity in different Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

However, on the European continent this name has not been in great demand. In fact, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are only about 1,481 women aged between 49 years called Maritza.

In addition, on the map shown below, you can see that the Spanish communities that have the highest number of women named Maritza are the following:

  • Navarre
  • Madrid
  • Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  • the palms