Monica is a beautiful name that in recent decades has enjoyed a lot of popularity. In fact, in Spain there are at least 103,317 women who have Monica as their first name. Likewise, its meaning is very deep and unique, since it is translated as “the one who is unique”. Therefore, if you are looking for a name for a girl that is sweet and melodic, you have come to the perfect website.

In this paraBaby article, we will tell you the meaning of the name Monica . In addition, we will talk about its etymology, its saints, the lucky number, the celebrities who wear it and many other details that will surely make you fall in love. Monica is a girl’s name .

What does Monica mean?

The name Monica means “the one who is unique” or “one only”. Other translations would be ” the one who loves loneliness ” or “the one who is alone”. Although, basically, the meaning of the name Monica evokes a lonely woman, women named Monica have a very sociable, outgoing and cheerful personality.

Origin of the name Monica

There are several hypotheses regarding the origin of the name Monica. Some scholars of anthroponymy agree that it is a name of Greek origin that derives from the root ” monkeys “, which translates as alone or unique.

On the other hand, there are those who say that it comes from the Greek word “moneo”, which means “the one that attracts attention”. However, the most widespread theory is that Monica translates as “the one who is unique”.

As a curious fact, the word ” mono” from which the name Monica is generated and which means “unique”, was the same that gave rise to other words that evoke singularity, such as monarchy and monologue.

Diminutives and variations of the name Monica

Monica is a name that has some well-known variants and diminutives, such as:

  • Moni
  • Monica
  • monica
  • Monin
  • Monique

The name Monica has no male variations.

The name Monica in other languages

This is how the name Monica is written in other languages:

  • French : Monique
  • German : Monika
  • Basque : Monika
  • Catalan : Monica
  • Galician : Monica
  • Portuguese : Monica
  • English : Monica
  • Irish : Moncha
  • Russian : Моника
  • Kabyle : Monika
  • Lithuanian : Monika
  • Slovak : Monika

Personality of the name Monica

Monica loves to socialize. She is a woman who hates loneliness and is quite funny. His personality is very charismatic and communicative . Therefore, you will always be seen surrounded by friends and family. Monica leaves a trail of joy wherever she goes. For this reason, he always has a busy social schedule. In fact, he is often the first person his friends turn to with any problems.

On the love plane, Monica always has many suitors. However, she is not at all attracted to her passing relationships. She prefers to wait for the right partner to establish a stable relationship. Another characteristic of Monica’s personality is that she is more inclined towards her work than her love . Therefore, she does not usually last long in relationships.

At work, she is very creative and is always full of ideas and new projects. This ability to adapt makes him climb quickly in his profession. Therefore, it is possible to see Monica almost always in very important positions within any organization.

With her family she is attached, but not dependent. This makes her trace her own path, since she does not tolerate being dominated or having things imposed on her. Just as she is successful in her career, she will be in charge of instilling the same values ​​of effort, perseverance and discipline in her children so that they follow in her good footsteps.

Celebrities named Monica

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Monica are:

  • Mónica Naranjo : Spanish singer, songwriter and producer who is very famous internationally.
  • Monica Bellucci : Italian actress and model, who became known for her work on the catwalk with major brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Mónica Spear : Venezuelan actress and model.
  • Mónica Cruz : Spanish model, actress and dancer who has participated in some Hollywood movies.
  • Mónica Seles – Serbian tennis player with Hungarian and American nationality who belongs to the World Tennis Hall of Fame.

Saint Monica’s Day

For Catholic saints, August 27 is the day of Santa Monica.

Numerology of the name Monica

Numerology associates the digit 1 with the name Monica. This number represents organization and leadership qualities.

Popularity of the first name Monica

Monica is a beautiful, attractive and modern name, which is very popular in various parts of the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, in France and Italy, it is an anthroponym that is widely accepted.

In the specific case of Spain, according to INE statistics, there are some 103,317 women named Mónica in the country with an average age of between 39 and 40 years.

If you look at the map attached below, you will see that the provinces in which the name Monica is most popular are the following:

  • Coruna
  • Pontevedra
  • Ourense
  • Lion
  • Asturias
  • Lugo
  • Barcelona