If you already know that a child is on the way and you want to give him a name that is striking, elegant and with a beautiful meaning, you will love Oliver. This name of Latin origin is a variant of the French Olivier and is very popular in Spain, France and Italy. In addition, it is currently one of the favorite names in Anglo-Saxon countries.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful name, keep reading. In this paraBaby article you will discover the meaning of the name Oliver , as well as its variants, diminutives, celebrities who bear it by name and all the relevant information about this name that will surely make you choose it as the most suitable for your baby. Oliver is a boy’s name .

What does Oliver mean?

Oliver is a name that means ” blessed by the olive tree ” or “he who bears the olive tree”. It is an anthroponym that is related to men who have great authority. In addition, in the 19th century it was very popular in Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries due to the hero Oliver Twist, which was created by Charles Dickens, and this acceptance is preserved to this day.

Origin of the name Oliver

The name Oliver is of Latin origin , specifically, it is a variant of the French Olivier that translates as “the olive tree” and that comes from the word “olíva”.

In Spain and some Latin countries, Oliver is also used as a patronymic or surname.

Diminutives and variations of the name Oliver

There are not many diminutives or variants of the name Oliver. However, these are some of the best known:

  • Oliver
  • Oliver
  • Olive
  • Olive
  • Olivia (her female variant).

The name Oliver in other languages

Oliver is a name that is spelled the same in almost all languages. However, this is his writing in other languages:

  • Japanese : オリバー
  • French : Oliver
  • Russian : оливер
  • Chinese : 奥利弗

Personality of the name Oliver

Oliver usually has a personality full of energy, charisma, and a hot temper . He is someone who likes to impose his point of view, which makes him somewhat annoying at times. Added to that, he is a complicated man, especially if things don’t turn out the way he expects. Also, patience is not Oliver’s strong point, since he can’t bear to wait for anything or anyone.

On the other hand, he has a very sharp intuition , allowing him to quickly pick up when someone has good or bad intentions with him. At work, he is a person who has great leadership and leadership skills. Therefore, he always strives to meet the goals he sets for himself. He is usually inclined towards scientific and technological careers, although what he likes most is working on his own.

As for the friendly plane, Oliver is very reserved and is not friends with everyone . In fact, he chooses very well in whom he is going to place his trust. Of course, when he is sure of a friendship, he will give everything to help and support those he esteems.

He is not very attached to his family, but he is very attentive to each one of them. Together with that, when he becomes a father, his life will revolve around his children, for which he will dedicate himself completely to educating and training them correctly. As a couple it can be somewhat complicated, since you value your independence very much. However, by finding the ideal person, he will be a faithful, dedicated and romantic lover .

Celebrities with the name Oliver

The most well-known celebrities bearing the name of Oliver are:

  • Oliver Stone : famous screenwriter, actor and film producer of American origin. He has won many Oscars and Golden Globes.
  • Oliver Hardy : American actor and comedian, remembered for being part of the famous Hollywood couple “the fat and the skinny”.
  • Oliver Sykes – British-born vocalist and songwriter, and a member of the band Bring Me The Horizon.
  • Oliver Cromwell – was a political leader in England.

Saint Oliver’s Day

According to Catholic saints, Oliver’s name day is January 10 .

Oliver Name Numerology

Oliver is a name that numerology associates with the digit 9 . This is because it is a number related to an energetic, active, competitive and fighting personality.

Popularity of the first name Oliver

Oliver’s popularity is very great in Anglo-Saxon countries such as England and the United States. In fact, he currently leads the top of the favorite names.

In the case of Spain, Oliver has also been gaining some strength. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are some 17,093 men named Oliver, with an average age of 15 years.

Below, you will see an attached map which shows that the communities in which this name is most popular are:

  • Lion
  • Malaga
  • Palencia
  • Toledo
  • Valladolid