Omar is a short masculine name, which has a good sound. Its meaning is linked to prosperous and long life, in addition, it is a vocative that comes from Arab lands. In general, men named Omar are intuitive and have a great imagination to develop projects that benefit others.

In this paraBaby article, you will see the meaning of the name Omar , what his personality is at work, in love and with his friends. In addition, we also show you the date of its saints, its numerology, its diminutives, the popularity of the name, as well as the famous people who have used it. Omar is a boy’s name .

What does Omar mean?

The name Omar means ” the man of long life “. Also, it is assigned the meaning of “the one who sets up the stores”. Although it is a name of ancient origin, it is currently widely used and characterizes educated and somewhat shy men.

Origin of the name Omar

Omar has its origins in the Arabic language , where it was written as “Umar”. Then it derived in the current Castilian as Omar.

Other investigations refer to its origin from the Hebrew language . In fact, it appears in the Holy Scriptures and is translated as “the good speaking man” or “the man who is a good speaker”, but its most widespread meaning is “the man of long life”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Omar

These would be some of the diminutives and variants for the name Omar:

  • Omer
  • omaro
  • omaira
  • Aymara
  • Umar
  • oma
  • omi

The name Omar in other languages

As it is a short name, Omar is spelled the same in almost all languages. However, this is how it is written in other languages:

  • German : Omer
  • Arabic : عمر
  • Chinese : 奥马尔
  • Hebrew : עומר
  • Greek : Ομάρ
  • Japanese : オマール
  • Russian : Омар

Personality of the name Omar

Omar is kind, polite and always has an optimistic vision in any circumstance of life. He is nice and funny, which is enough for him to have very good friends. He has a focused personality and a lot of leadership. Also, he is charismatic and cheerful.

At work he is responsible and creative . In fact, he does not give up until he fully completes his tasks, however long or complicated they may be. In any organization, Omar is a key player, above all because of his motivation and spirit of service.

In terms of love, Omar is rather shy. Therefore, it is difficult for him to express his feelings openly. However, when he finds the right person, he will be a faithful companion who will not skimp to please her in everything. Also, this way of being so loyal in love helps him to get many girls interested in him.

Omar is very protective of his family . For his parents and siblings he will be an essential support. For his friends, he will also be there when they need him because Omar likes to help everyone without expecting anything in return. Another of Omar’s qualities is that he will always look for the perfect excuse to be at a family or friendship gathering, since he loves to socialize.

Likewise, he has a restless and creative spirit . This makes him lean towards the arts, music and letters. Although it is also usual that Omar likes to run his own business.

Celebrities with the name Omar

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Omar are:

  • Omar Sy – He is a French-born humorist, actor, and comedian of Senegalese descent.
  • William Omar Landrón : is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, composer and film actor, artistically known as Don Omar.
  • Omar Ledezma Junior: renowned Venezuelan percussionist born in Caracas and currently residing in the United States. He was a Grammy Award winner participating with the Pacific Mambo Orchestra.
  • Omar Bravo – He is a Mexican footballer who plays in the forward position for the Guadalajara sports club in Mexico.
  • Omar Fraile Matarranz : he is a Spanish professional cyclist who started in the Mountain bike racing style.
  • Omar Sharif – was an Egyptian-born film actor of Lebanese descent, who made popular films in the United States and Britain.
  • Omar Montes : is a Spanish singer who became known for his appearances on reality television shows.
  • Omar Abdulrahman : he is an Arab soccer player, who plays in the All-ain in the midfield position, and was born in Saudi Arabia.
  • Omar Vizquel : he is a Venezuelan baseball player who has won several gold gloves in the major American leagues.
  • Omar Torrijos : he was a Panamanian soldier who became president of Panama in 1968.

Day of the Saint of Omar

November 16 is Omar’s birthday.

Numerology Of The Name Omar

The number 2 is the lucky digit for those named Omar.

Popularity of the first name Omar

Omar is an old name that is very popular today, not only in Spain, but in different Spanish-speaking countries.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are 21,810 men named Omar, of whom the average age is 27 years.

In addition, in the communities in which there are the largest number of people named Omar are:

  • Asturias
  • Girona
  • Tarragona
  • Almeria
  • the palms