One of the most beautiful and symbolic names for men that exists is Salvador. It is a very old name of Latin origin, which has maintained its validity and popularity over the years. Also, for believers in Christianity, this name has to do with the son of God, who was sent to Earth to save mankind from sins. Therefore, it has a great religious connotation.

To help you choose Salvador as your child’s name, in this paraBabys article you will find the meaning of the name Salvador , its saint calendar, the famous with this anthroponym, its lucky number and its popularity in Spain. We know that you will love all the details of this elegant and enigmatic name. Salvador is a girl’s name .

What does Savior mean?

The name Salvador has different associated meanings, but they all have the same etymology. It translates as “the one who saves”, “God the savior” or “the one who protects”. Metaphorically, it means ” the one who came to save humanity “, since it is often used as a synonym with which believers refer to Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

Origin of the name Salvador

The name Salvador is of Latin origin . Specifically, it comes from the name Salvator . In turn, this is the translation of the Greek word Soter , which means “the one who came to save”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Salvador

This old and popular name has many variants and associated diminutives. Now, we will show you a list of the most used:

  • Save
  • salvi
  • Salvatore
  • girl
  • Salv
  • savior
  • Xalbador
  • Xalba
  • little savior
  • saved
  • Salvadora (this is her female variant).

The name Salvador in other languages

Because Salvador is a name with a lot of history and tradition, it is written differently in a wide variety of languages:

  • English : Salvator, Savior
  • French : Sauveur
  • Sicilian : Sarbaturi
  • Arabic : سالبادور
  • Albanian : Sotir
  • Catalan : Salvador
  • Greek : Sotiris
  • Italian : Salvatore or Salvadore
  • Polish : Salwator
  • Sardinian : Sarbadore
  • Basque : Salbador, Xalbador or Xalba.

Personality of the name Salvador

Salvador stands out because he has a docile, respectful and kind personality . Coupled with that, he has great persistence to achieve what he sets out to do, but he is always careful that his desires do not steal his peace and tranquility. Another of his characteristics is that he is analytical and observant. For this reason, you will always carefully reflect on each of the steps you take.

In the workplace, he is very responsible . In addition, he has a lot of leadership, which makes him an ideal candidate to fill managerial or managerial positions. Salvador has a lot of patience to listen to the ideas and projects of his colleagues. In addition, he also stands out for his poise and perseverance to reach his goals.

In the field of love, he is faithful, romantic and devoted . Likewise, he believes in love for life, which is why he will look for a partner who shares his plans and projects. Regarding the family plane, Salvador places his family as the center of his actions. For this reason, he never leaves their side and enjoys being the support of those who need it. Similarly, Salvador is a great friend who will never disappoint those who trust him.

Famous with the name Salvador

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Salvador are:

  • Salvador Dalí : He was a famous Spanish painter, writer and sculptor, who is considered the greatest exponent of surrealism.
  • Salvador Allende : Politician, doctor and former President of Chile.
  • Ludwig Salvator of Austria – was a scholar and archduke, a member of the Habsburg imperial family.
  • Salvador de Madariaga : Spanish writer and diplomat, who led the Liberal International.
  • Salvador Rueda : a great Spanish journalist and poet, who was one of the great forerunners of the modernist current in literature.

Salvador Saint’s Day

For Catholic saints, Salvador’s name day is March 18 in honor of Saint Salvador de Horta. This was a Franciscan priest to whom numerous miracles were attributed.

Numerology of the name Salvador

Numerology assigns 2 as the lucky digit for Salvador. This is a number that has to do with emotional balance and spiritual peace.

Popularity of the first name Salvador

Salvador is a name that has been very popular since ancient times, mainly in Latin-speaking countries, such as Spain, Italy and France. In addition, it is also a name that is widely used in several Latin American countries.

Specifically, in Spain, the National Institute of Spain (INE) indicates that there are at least 79,043 men named Salvador, with an average age of 54 years.