If there is a masculine name that has an imposing and enigmatic meaning, it is Esteban. It is a name of ancient origin that appeared in many inscriptions during the republican era of the East and Greece. In addition, this name is very popular within the religious community, since it is related to Saint Stephen, who was the first martyr of Christianity.

We know that this name may interest you for your baby, therefore, in this paraBaby article, we will tell you the meaning of the name Esteban , together with all the valuable data, such as his saint calendar, numerology, the personality associated with it, among others informations. Most likely, by the time you finish reading this article, you have already decided on this beautiful and elegant name for your son. Esteban is a boy’s name .

What does Stephen mean?

The name Esteban means ” he of great victories ” or “he who bears the laurels”. As it comes from the Greek “ Στέφανος” , the most widespread meaning of it is “the victorious”. In addition, Esteban’s patronymic is Estévez, a vocative that denotes prowess and that characterizes people who help others reflect.

Origin of the name Stephen

Esteban is a masculine given name that comes from ancient Greece , which was pronounced as “Stefanos” and translated “the man of great victories” or “the laureate”. Likewise, during the Middle Ages he was a very common name among saints and Catholic Popes. From there, derives the great popularity it has among believers in the Christian faith.

Diminutives and variations of the name Esteban

Below, you will see some of the diminutives and variations of the name Esteban:

  • Stephanus
  • Estefano
  • Estevano
  • Stevano
  • Theban
  • Teby
  • Tebo

The name Stephen in other languages

Due to the popularity that the name Esteban has had over the years, it is written differently in a large number of languages ​​worldwide:

  • German : Stefan
  • Albanian : Shtjefën
  • Arabic : إستيبان
  • Asturian : Estebanu
  • Bulgarian : Stefan
  • Catalan : Esteve
  • Chinese : 埃斯特班
  • Danish : Stephan
  • Basque : Extiban or Ixtebe
  • French : Stephane
  • Galician : Estevo
  • Greek : Εστεμπάν
  • Italian : Stefano
  • Hebrew : אסטבן
  • Portuguese : Estêvão
  • Russian : Эстебан

Personality of the name Esteban

Esteban is characterized as a smart and insightful man . Likewise, he is cunning and takes advantage of difficulties to turn them into opportunities in his favor. Added to that, he is spontaneous, cheerful and always finds a reason to have fun.

At work, Esteban is creative and consistent with his tasks. Therefore, he reinvents himself at every moment, which allows him to generate various sources of income. In fact, he does not like to be tied to one company and, commonly, he is his own boss. In general, he likes to get involved in arts and literature-related careers.

In love, he is gentle and a gentleman . However, it is difficult for him to find the ideal partner to establish a formal relationship. Therefore, you will always see him going from flower to flower. In the family, he is attached to his parents and siblings. In addition, as a father, he is an example of perseverance and dedication to his children. With his friends, he is a good companion. He is also supportive and always ready to help when needed.

Celebrities with the name Esteban

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Esteban are:

  • Esteban Cortázar : he is a fashion designer born in Colombia and nationalized American.
  • Esteban Bellán : He was a Cuban baseball player, a Latin American pioneer in playing in the major leagues.
  • Esteban Navarro Soriano : is a writer of novels and sagas of Spanish origin.
  • Stephen King is an American writer and novelist, famous for his thriller and horror novels.
  • Esteban Ocon : he is a motor racing driver in Formula 1, born in France.
  • Esteban de Borgoña : he was a count of Mâcon and of Burgundy, better known as “the daring one”.
  • Steven Spielberg is an American film director, winner of several Oscar and Globe awards.
  • Esteban Echeverría: was an Argentine writer and poet, who started the currents of romanticism in Argentina.
  • Esteban de Obray : he was a French sculptor of the 16th century who was based in Spain.

Saint Stephen’s Day

December 26 is the name day of the so-called Esteban. On that date, homage is paid to Saint Stephen, who was a deacon who was martyred by stoning in 36 AD, becoming one of the first people to die for defending his Christian faith.

Stephen Name Numerology

Numerology assigns 3 as the lucky digit for Esteban.

Popularity of the first name Stephen

Esteban is a well-known name in Spain, Italy and the United States. In Spain, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), there are 30,051 men named Esteban with an average age of 51 years.

In the map that you will see below, you can see that the Spanish regions with the most people named Esteban are the following:

  • Lion.
  • Zamora.
  • Salamanca.
  • Toledo.
  • Soria.
  • Burgos.
  • Palencia.