One of the short names that has a very deep meaning is Teo. In fact, it is directly related to religious beliefs. It is a name with an ancient origin, since it comes from the Greek. Also, the men who bear this name, in general, are kind, pleasant and very supportive.

Whether Teo is your first name or you want to give your child that anthroponym, in this babynamesforgirls article we will tell you what the meaning of the name Teo is , as well as other important information such as his numerology, the personality of the people who They wear it, their saints, the famous with this name and even its popularity throughout Spain. Teo is a boy’s name .

What does Theo mean?

This short name means “God is with us” or ” the believers in God” . It characterizes communicative, pleasant, friendly people who have a broad criterion to discuss and discern on various topics.

Another of the associated meanings of the name Teo is “the presence of God”. It is a name that has recently been gaining a lot of popularity in Spain, especially due to the current trend of giving boys and girls short names.

Origin of the name Theo

The name Teo comes from ancient Greek , specifically, from the word “Theos” , which translates as “God” or “the presence of God”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Teo

These are the best known variations and diminutives of the name Teo:

  • teito
  • You
  • ceiling
  • Theodore
  • Theophilus
  • Dorotheus

The name Teo in other languages

Let’s know how Teo is written in other languages:

  • Arabic : تيو
  • German and French : Théo
  • Chinese : 特奥
  • Korean : 테오
  • Greek : θεός
  • Hebrew : תאו
  • Hindi : टेओ
  • English : Theo
  • Japanese : テオ
  • Portuguese : Teo

Personality of the name Teo

Teo is a simple person with very good feelings. In addition, he is sociable, communicative and is always willing to collaborate in the community in which he lives. Because he is very creative, he is usually passionate about fine arts, acting, music and singing.

He likes to spend most of his time with all his family members. In fact, he is always willing to share and dialogue. Therefore, those who know him know that they can count on him at any time.

In labor matters, Teo is a good worker who quickly learns the tasks assigned to him. In the same way, he is characterized by the fact that he will always do what he can to gain the trust of his companions. Of course, he does not like to be tied to a schedule, but that helps him increase his finances, since he is very enterprising.

In love, Teo is a sweet and loving man . He pays close attention to all the details, in order to please his partner. The problem is that he falls in love quickly, which is sometimes not very favorable for him. However, he knows how to recover from any love break.

With his friends, he is a fun and cheerful person . For this reason, at meetings and parties he becomes the center of attraction due to his spontaneity and charisma. In addition, he will be ready to collaborate in everything you need.

Celebrities with the name Teo

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Teo are:

  • Teo Halm: is a famous American film actor.
  • Teo Ser Luck: is a politician and minister of industry and commerce in Singapore.
  • Teo Galindez : He is a folk music singer from Venezuela.
  • Teo González is a Mexican radio and television actor and comedian.
  • Teo Briones : He is a television actor born in the United Kingdom.
  • Teo Olivares: is a television actor born in the United States.
  • Teo Gheorghiu is a Swiss-born actor and musician.
  • Teo Fabi: is a racing driver born in Italy.
  • Teo Macero : is a jazz saxophonist, composer, producer and musical director, born in the United States.

Saint Teo’s Day

The saint calendar that corresponds to Teo is January 23 . On that date honors are paid to San Teo.

Numerology of the name Teo

The number associated with Teo is 4 . This is a digit that is related to people with grace, kindness and who have a young and vibrant spirit.

Popularity of the first name Teo

Teo is a name that dates back to ancient times. However, today it is being used more and more in Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as in several Latin American countries.

Taking into account the figures of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), only in Spain there are some 4,173 men named Teo with an average age of 7 years, which shows that it is a name that has resumed its validity in the last decade.

In the map shown below, you can see that the largest number of men named Teo are located in the communities in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, which are the following:

  • Barcelona
  • Huesca
  • Lugo
  • Ourense
  • Pontevedra
  • Coruna